Silver Landing
is a complete Tails story appearing in Issue 262 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Silver the Hedgehog has completed his journey into Mobius' past, the present day, and is reduced to tears at the lush beauty of Emerald Hill Zone. Suddenly, A.G. alerts him to a Mega Mack missile streaking by, which Silver deconstructs with his psychic power. He is observed by the Ultimax and is awestruck by the presence of Tails, before A.G. reminds him to dispose of the Mega Mack cannister. He approaches Tails, honoured to be in the presence of the Hero of Mobius while Holly fangirls over Silver's display of power. Dexter steps in however, annoyed that Silver has disrupted their operation and demanding to know who he is. A short time later, in Dexter's laboratory, Silver tells Tails how he has grown up hearing stories of Tails' adventures in bringing down the Death Egg, rewriting history with Chaotix and using an EMP in the Final Victory against Robotnik . Tails suddenly interrupts, confused at the mention of Iblis in the Final Victory and correcting Silver's history, since Tails has replaced Sonic in every battle Silver refers to. Silver has never heard of Sonic and is doubly confused by the footage Tails shows him. The records in Silver's time don't mention Sonic and the young hero wonders if he has rewritten history merely by travelling back in time. Theo and Tails explain that Sonic is now a fugitive and the creature Silver knows as Iblis is in fact Super Sonic. Silver thus reasons that Sonic must die and he would be bringing the fallen hero to justice by killing him. Enraged, he ignores Tails and Dexter's protests, uses A.G. to download all data of Sonic's recent activity from Dexter's computer and departs for the South Island, where Sonic has been seen several times recently. Tails and the Ultimax are now in quite a pickle: How can they change the present to protect the future and keep Sonic safe without being seen helping a wanted terrorist?


The previous Tails story was Seriously Delirious. This is the current story.

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