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Shadow the Hedgehog is the Ultimate Lifeform, an artificial being created as a weapon by the Drakon Empire to destroy Mobius during the ancient war between the Echidnas and the Drakons. According to Shadow himself, he was created using Chaos Energy and Sonic's genes, obtained when Doctor Zachary captured Sonic in order to complete the Drakon's work. Shadow is capable of moving just as fast as Sonic, is exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and is able to manipulate Chaos energy to teleport with his Chaos Control ability, draw Chaos power sources toward him, sustain limited flight and even control that which utilises Chaos, as demonstrated upon the Omni Viewer. He is very powerful, and managed to defeat Sonic without too much effort. He has one major weakness though: he must recharge his powers with chaos energy.



Shadow was created by the Drakons during the war, but his genetic make-up was never completed. After the war, the incomplete Shadow was left in Emerald Hill Zone, along with the Chaos Emeralds. There he would remain, until he was eventually discovered by Doctor Kintobor. While Kintobor could never work out how to give Shadow a physical form and free him from the Omni Viewer-like container he was trapped in, he taught Shadow everything he knew, including geography, science, history and politics. Shadow considered Kintobor to be his only friend. He was eventually completed several years later by Doctor Zachary and the Syndicate, using data obtained by the tracking ring they'd placed on Sonic's leg.

Destruction Of The Special Zone

Shadow was soon unleashed into the Special Zone to summon the Chaos Emeralds in order to cause a chain reaction that would effectively destroy the Zone in a Big Bang effect. He left a giant spider with several of its offspring on board the ship Chaotix were using, to distract Sonic, Knuckles and Chaotix long enough to stop them reaching the Emeralds. He soon clashed with Sonic and the Chaotix crew, making short work of them. When the Emeralds arrived, he put a stop to Sonic's plan to send them to Mobius and took control of the Omni Viewer, warping Knuckles and Chaotix to Mobius, moments before the Special Zone was destroyed. He kept Sonic alive however, in order to tell him just who he was and how he came to be. In the process he revealed his deep resentment of Sonic, who unfortunately had to turn his friend into Dr Robotnik. Shadow had decided he didn't care about anything anymore and was going to follow his friend's last wish, even if it WAS to destroy the planet. Before returning to the Death Carrier, he revealed what the Syndicate had planned, imprisoned Sonic and invited him to watch them blow the planet up.

Sacrifice and Death

Shadow soon after engaged Knuckles in combat on Flickies' Island to buy time before the Syndicate could launch and activate the Chaos Siphon. Unfortunately he didn't count on Sonic breaking out of his prison (thanks to the timely intervention of Tails ). Shadow was next seen patrolling the Death Carrier from the outside as the Chaos Siphon started to backfire. As the ship began to burn and lose altitude, he was planning to grab Robotnik and flee until Sonic returned from Planet Drak and the hedgehogs clashed again. Unfortunately, what with all the power he'd been using lately, Shadow was in need of a recharge, but he continued to fight Sonic, at least until the blue blur fell to his apparent death. He didn't count on Super Sonic turning up though and was soon struggling against the demon. When Sonic reverted to his normal self, Shadow had just enough power to finish him. He never got the chance though as Robotnik made another crazed attempt to wipe out Sonic. However Tails managed to get Sonic on board the bi-plane and retreat. Shadow's last act was to use the last of his power to sacrifice himself and teleport Robotnik away from the Death Carrier before it exploded, killing him.

Shadow's sacrifice.


Shadow has since returned as a security program known as Shadow II




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