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Set is a minor recurring villain in Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Comic Online.

Art by Chris G

Sonic the Comic

Set's only appearance in the print comic was in the story Secret of the Gods. Masquerading as Gods, along with Hathor and Thoth, Set was merely from another planet, arriving on Planet Earth to take advantage of the primitive humans. Set, self-proclaimed leader of the group and "God" of war, exacted his rule over the people with his "Staff of Power". He was made useless when Sonic the Hedgehog stole it from him and used his Spin Attack to expose him as a fraud. Set went on to kill his fellow aliens and escape to Mobius through the Ring of Eternity, intent on taking over that planet instead. Tekno the Canary reversed the polarity of the Ring, sucking Set back through and dumping him in limbo.

Sonic the Comic Online

Set somehow made it into a different world, where planned a horrible revenge on those who humiliated him. Setting up an elaborate base for him and his slaves, he began a plan which would bring him Tekno. He first sent his servant, Slave One, to the Green Hill Zone, where he defeated Shortfuse the Cybernik. With the new armour seized up, Set took the advantage to sabotage it. Next time Shorty used it, he became evil and kidnapped several innocent Mobians. Either Set or Shortfuse then programmed computer equipment to the Eternity Ring to take someone to Set's dimension. Tekno and Shorty accidentally found themselves in Solstice. There they spent months trying to find a way home, before The Regent organised a fight between Shorty and Slave One. Shorty lost and he and Tekno were taken to their new master, Set, in the Pyramid of Atum. His new plan was to find the Eternity Ring and invade Mobius with his new army. However, Tekno rallied the slaves to fight against their false God and broke free. Before she left, Set was brought down and seemed to be silence by a fatal blow...

Art by Mick McMahon

As it turned out, Tekno had failed to kill Set, actually missing any of his major organs. While Tekno, Shorty and the slaves were busy looking for the Eternity Ring, Set headed directly there and waited for them to find it. When they did discover its location, they found Set decked out in Shortfuse's armour, but he soon discarded it. Set took the upper hand in the battle against Shorty, but the odds were levelled when Shorty retrieved his armour. With Set distracted, Tekno acquired a gun and finished Set off for good, ensuring his plan to conquer Mobius went unfulfilled.