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Art by Adamis

Sergeant Gork is a high-ranking member of the goblin police force in the Land Beyond. Despite being paired up with Errol Blackthorn from the Nameless Zone, he has a hatred for all foxes and any goblin who wishes to have peace between the two nations.


In Gork's first appearance, he revealed that he served under Trogg and was taught to despise all foxes. Despite this, he was granted a place in the police force under Roubal and moved up through the ranks.

On the day of the opening of a train route between the Nameless Zone and the Land Beyond, Gork was paired up with Errol in an attempt to stop a resistance group causing "any fuss". He took a disliking of having to work with Errol and hated the current state of affairs. Soon, he followed Errol onto a train that had been boarded by Morain and Tails. The goblin took great delight in arresting Morain for terrorism but his glee turned to panic when the train caught fire.

Gork may have been one of the goblins present when Errol arrived to arrest Morain's group for destroying a castle in the Nameless Zone. If he was, he was armed with a crossbow this time.