Segaworld was an amusement park in London, United Kingdom. The indoor location was filled with hi-tech rides and an assortment of Sega-related arcade machines. In 1999, Segaworld was renamed "Funland" and reduced in size, with many exhibitions being removed. The entire arcade closed in 2011, although a few machines still remain.

The complex was heavily advertised in Sonic the Comic. In Issue 119, coupons for free entry into Segaworld were provided as a free gift. However, a "Hume Error" was released in Issue 128, with the editor giving an apology for any confusion - the coupons did not provide any free entry onto the rides. The Sonic Holiday Special 1996 included a three-page advertisement for the facility, revealing the variety of "Zones" and attractions. There was also a pin-up based in Segaworld, allowing Boomers to search for a number of hidden items.

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