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Sega (usually styled as SEGA) is a multi-national software company and former hardware giant. The corporation, largely based in Japan, is at least partially responsible for every single Sonic the Hedgehog video game and has had a controlling hand in all related media. As Sonic the Comic fits into this, STC was marketed as "the UK's official SEGA comic". Sonic the Comic Online does not have this privilege.

Since STC was a Sega comic, much of the features was taken up by news on various Sega products and games. The Sega Charts are a gauge of how well certain games are performing, the Review Zone analyses and scores released titles and the News Zone previews forthcoming ones, as well as publicising events and other media. As Sega's fortunes dwindled, less of the comic was set aside for their news.

Sega is represented in-universe as a location in the Shinobi series. The villainous Neo Zeed have a building in central Tokyo with "Sega" advertised on the front wall. This is the Neo Zeed's legitimate business interest, manufacturing games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 while they commit criminal acts. Many of the Neo Zeed security have "Sega" printed on their uniform.

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