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Secret of the Gods is a complete story that appeared in Issue 169 of Sonic the Comic. It is part of the Time Zone story arc.



Sonic the Hedgehog is surprised to see that Tekno the Canary has turned the Ring of Eternity into a digital television. In reality, she's actually upgraded the Ring's capabilities so that journeys through it are no longer random, destinations can actually be chosen. Tekno has selected Ancient Egypt on Planet Earth, where the Mobians witness a slavemaster bullying a worker. Unhappy with this sight, Sonic and Amy jump into the Ring and Sonic launches a Spin Attack on the villain. The slaves are unhappy with the stranger's intervention and Amy reveals that people in Ancient Egypt used to worship gods, although she insists none are real. However, one local points to the sky, where three "deities" glide silently on their ship.

On board, Thoth reveals that an incident has occured due to an alien. Set takes a personal craft down to the surface and orders his servants to bow to him, but Sonic isn't having any of it. Set wields his Staff of Power to prove a point, but Hathor and Thoth insist they should be ruling through love and wisdom. Set lets slip that they are aliens exiled from their home planet, giving Sonic an opportunity to steal Set's staff and knock him to the ground. Realising that Set isn't immortal, they decide that they needn't fear him anymore and refuse to work for them. Thoth confesses that the aliens should now leave the planet, but a furious Set kills them both.

Back in the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic and Amy greet Tekno after a successful misison. However, Set has followed them through the portal and downs Sonic with his staff. Tekno hurries to reverse the Ring's polarity, but the produced vortex isn't strong enough to suck Set back through. Set proclaims that he will take over Mobius instead of Earth, but a Spin Attack from Sonic sends Set back into the limbo dimension. Tekno's computer equipment is also lost, ending any hopes for selective travel.


  • Set, Hathor and Thoth make their first appearances. Although the latter two never reappear, Set returns (in shadow) in Return of the Cybernik!.


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