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Robotnik's shot at redemption.

Season of Goodwill is a complete Sonic's World story which appeared in Issue 93 of Sonic the Comic.



It's Christmas Day on Mobius, and in Tekno's Workshop, the canary is holding a Christmas party for her friends. As they enjoy their dinner (the exception being Shortfuse), Amy misses having Sonic around, since he's still stuck in the Special Zone, but Tails remains confident that the blue blur will be back soon, they'll be alright with Shorty backing them up, and even Dr Robotnik wouldn't cause trouble on Christmas. Shortfuse isn't so sure however, and his fears are proven true, as Robotnik is annoyed at the citizens of the Happy Valley Zone having fun without his permission. The dictator plans to put a stop to the peoples' enjoyment by using a heat ray-equipped satellite to melt all the snow in the Zone, flash-flooding everyone's homes. Before he can activate the satellite however, Father Christmas appears. Robotnik, not recognising Santa, orders the Troopers in to dispose of him, but the robots, not actually living, cannot see him, and the enraged Robotnik cannot touch him. Calling the dictator Ovi, which briefly confuses Robotnik, Santa offers Robotnik one chance to do something good for Christmas: setting the satellite to self-destruct. Robotnik refuses, calling the satellite a symbol of power. Unable to help the dictator redeem himself, Santa reveals that Shortfuse picked up the satellite on his sensors and is currently tearing it apart. As Santa departs, neither him or Robotnik getting what they wanted, he warns Robotnik that his empire will crumble within the next months if he does not change his ways. Robotnik rebuffs the warning before having an epiphany: he may have power and control over Mobius, but he is tragically alone on Christmas Day.


  • Father Christmas' prediction would indeed come to pass in seven issues' time, when Sonic would return and the Freedom Fighters would topple Robotnik's empire in The Final Victory.


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