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Scream Theme Park is a complete Sonic's World story which appeared in Issue 85 of Sonic the Comic.



In the Casino Night Zone's new theme park, Thrillworld, Max Gamble is showing off the Pit Plunge roller coaster and the people happily board, hoping it'll take their minds off their problems with Robotnik. The riders plunge into the titular pit, and soon find themselves faced with Troopers and a Badnik Processing Plant. Suddenly, a hooded and cloaked rider blasts one of the Troopers with a bolt of energy, and reveals himself to be Shortfuse. He dispatches another Trooper with ease and turns his attention to the machine, ripping a power cable in two. The Troopers prepare to wipe the exhausted Cybernik out, but Shorty reveals that he was faking his injury and finishes the robots off. Shorty returns the riders to the surface and confronts Gamble, who claims to have not known what was going on underground. Unable to prove Gamble was involved, Shorty leaves, but not before breaking the coaster's track apart, stopping Gamble making more money off the ride.


  • Instead of a teaser for the next Sonic's World story, this story ends with a plug for Segaworld.
  • The Pit Plunge ride, with its vertical drop into an underground shaft, resembles Oblivion at Alton Towers, which wouldn't actually be built until some two years after this story was originally published.


The previous Sonic's World story was New Image. The next story was Future Shock.