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The Freedom Fighters of Oil Desert.

The Scrap Mobians are a group of Freedom Fighters in the Oil Desert Zone who are armoured in Badnik scrap (not the first ones to do so, however). Their chief mechanic is Niya the Gorilla. The group of them managed to destroy a Robotnik stronghold in the Oil Desert Zone with the help of Tails and Holly Thumpfoot.


  • Niya the Gorilla
  • Shortfuse the Cybernik
  • Unknown female mammal in Aquis and Asteron armor.
  • Ant with Buzzer stinger and wings.
  • Large green waterfowl.
  • Brown bear with eyepatch.
  • Dark brown dog with Caterkiller/Sandworm spike balls on shoulders and Buzzbomber head.
  • Small white bird with jetpack
  • Snapping turtle resembling a Boomerang Bro. from the Super Mario Bros. series.

Freedom Fighters
Current Members: Tails - Amy Rose - Tekno the Canary - Cedric the Elephant - Big the Cat - Chrysalis - Kintobor Computer

Former Members: Sonic the Hedgehog - Johnny Lightfoot - Porker Lewis - Shortfuse the Cybernik

Other Groups: The Ultimax - The Flock - Turquoise Hill Freedom Fighters - Underground Movement - Sky Pirates - Household Keepers - Chaotix Crew - Scrap Mobians - Dolphin Resort Freedom Fighters - Bounder Brigade

Honorary Members: Knuckles the Echidna - Mark & Sparks