The Scimitar Brothers were a conjoined pair of slavemasters from Shanazar. Working in Kullconan Town for a sorcerer named Kurse, the brothers (known separately as R'Zor and Blunnt) found an unconscious Sonic the Hedgehog in the desert and took him back to the slave cells. Sonic found it initially tough to defeat them, but took the initiative whilst the brothers argued. Defeated, they watch as Kurse imprisons Sonic and reveal that they were merged into one by the sorcerer. When Sonic offers to help the brothers become separated, they jump at the chance and free Sonic. For their troubles, they get subjected to a painful spell by Kurse, but Sonic defeats him and the brothers are freed and separated.

It would seem that Blunnt is the stronger brother, after defeating Sonic, and R'Zor is "the one with the brains", though this is just based on the pair's arguing.