Art by Richard Elson

Sandopolis Zone is a desertous Zone on the Floating Island. The area is stereotypically littered with sand and ancient pyramids which mark a bygone civilisation. Sandopolis (literally "city of sand") is also filled with many ruins, old buildings Knuckles the Echidna is determined to preserve. The focal point of the Zone is the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis, buried deep underground yet resurfaced by both Captain Plunder and Nack the Weasel. In front of its entrance is a large pool of quicksand which now contains a Stone Guardian. At one point, the Death Egg and Launch Base Zone could be seen from one particular viewpoint.


Only one Badnik has ever been seen in the Sandopolis Zone, although more have appeared in Sandopolis' original appearance as part of Sonic & Knuckles.


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