Sally Sonic

Art by Adamis and Pete Murphy

Not to be confused by Sally, one of the Emerald Hill folk children.

Sally Acorn is a female squirrel, and one of Sonic the Hedgehog's early supporting cast. Initially, she was resident of the Green Hill Zone, but would later move to the Emerald Hill Zone. She has a brother named Tufftee.


Sally's early appearances were almost exclusively from inside a Badnik. When Tufftee found a pair of Sonic's old power sneakers and disappeared while trying to become a hero, Sally went to Sonic and Tails for help. While Sonic tracked Tufftee down in the Marble Zone, Tails stayed behind to comfort Sally. Sally and her brother were soon reunited. Not long after this, Sally was part of a group (including Johnny Lightfoot) that followed Sonic into the Labyrinth Zone when he went to rescue Tails from the Arachbot.

Early on after Doctor Robotnik conquered Mobius, Sally would assist the Freedom Fighters and was active in the local community. She helped save the Zone from a Robotnik death ray and later oversaw the building of a civilian hideout from Robotnik. Eventually, Sally lost contact with the gang and left the Zone. She became a news reporter, and was seen reporting on the fall of the Death Egg from orbit.

Years later, during The Battle For Mobius, Sally reported live on the battle in the Turquoise Hill Zone where her brother lived. She even joined in, strangling a Newtron Badnik with her microphone's wire. She also appeared in issue 264, reporting on Fabian Vane's pending nuptials in The Bride of Fabian Vane. It was in this story that we learned Joe Sushi was Sally's cameraman, a role assigned to him by artist The KKM who saw fit to give both characters a cameo.

Sally would reappear in the Sonic The Comic Con Special in a flashback story set between issues 120 and 121. Here, she reported on Sonic being the star attraction at the Sandy Bay Zone Sonic Con. After Turtleneck attacked, Sally was determined to report on the action and ensure Joe Sushi got a good shot of the action. Seemingly oblivious to Amy, Sally and Joe bumped into her, sending Amy flying as the two pursued a good camera angle.


  • Sally's character is derived from the squirrel, Ricky, who could be released from a Badnik in early Sonic games.
  • Unlike her SatAM and Archie depictions, this incarnation of Sally Acorn is not a princess, nor is she the leader of the Freedom Fighters.


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