Sab was the leader of the Freedom Fighters group The Flock, based in the Chemical Plant Zone and against its tyrannical overlord Nutzan Bolt. She was one of the many sheep living in the Zone before it was turned into the Chemical Plant. She and her partner Sol Furic had fought side by side, until Sol defected to Nutzan Bolt thinking that the robot could be worked with to improve the Zone.

Sab first appearing in the second part of the Tails' story Zonerunner & The Flock (Issue 36). It is she who dubs Tails a Zonerunner, a Freedom Fighter who travels between Zones fighting Doctor Robotnik; Tails has repeatedly protested against this but this has fallen on deaf ears. While a strong and capable leader, Sab seemed to fail to notice Tails actually only succeeded by accident throughout the whole story.

In Tails' next encounter with her, all of the Flock were thought to have been murdered in an explosion at the hands of Sol Furic. Sab had survived and, despite initial misunderstanding, it turned out Sol was innocent and wanted to turn against Nutzan. With Sab and Sol's help, Tails managed to destroy Nutzan Bolt for good, melting the chemical ice that had crippled the Chemical Plant Zone.

Sab would not be seen in the comic again until Issue 250 of Sonic the Comic Online, where she had a cameo role in The Battle For Mobius. This revealed that in the interim she had become a uniformed member of the Chemical Plant Zone's security forces. Grouchio Marxio ordered her to mobilise against the Badnik invaders.


  • Unlike the regular Freedom Fighters, who all appear in their teens, Sab and the rest of The Flock appear much older.

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