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Beauty can be deadly....

Rouge the Bat is a master spy and saboteur who is only loyal to herself and her bank account. She was hired by the Drakon Empire to cause chaos and confusion to make their invasion of Mobius and stealing the Chaos Emeralds much easier. She first appeared at the end of the Sonic the Comic Online story, The Syndicate in Issue 228.


When Sonic and Tails traveled to the Death Carrier searching for the insane Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Zachary had Rouge seperate them and knocked Tails out. She then quickly went to the Floating Island to steal the emeralds, then kidnapped Porker Lewis and fled to the Haunted Hill Zone. However, Rouge needed the code to open the box containing the emeralds. Rouge then proceeded to summon the king of ghost, King Boom Boo in order to get Knuckles to tell her the code. Once she got the code to box containing the chaos emeralds, she left the ghost to dispose of Knuckles, Tikal, and Porker. Without the cold temperature to keep the emeralds stable, they warped back to the Special Zone.

After Sonic was given the Chaos Tap by the Drakon Empire, Master Scholar ordered her to leave the Syndicate before the Death Carrier's destruction. She then began causing trouble for Dunzi and his Housekeepers in the Hilltop Zone. Her apartment in the Starlight Zone was then raided by the Housekeepers and Starlight Zone police in an attempt to capture her. She used the two group's arguing as an opportunity to set off a flash bomb and escape through the window.

Continuing to work for the Drakons, Rouge learned that Tails was transporting an important package from the Metropolis Zone to the Emerald Hill Zone. She found him confronted by Robotnik and a group of Badniks and took her opportunity, pinching the parcel as Tails fled. As Rouge tried to escape, she flew into the fist of Mighty the Armadillo. A subsequent escape by means of a smoke bomb failed when Espio the Chameleon used a tornado attack to clear the gas. Before Vector the Crocodile could hand her in to Dunzi, the Chaotix Crew were attacked by a monster, allowing the bat to slip away.




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  • She is argued as being the darkest and most villainous incarnation of the character EVER by some fans, possessing little to none of her more nobler traits from her usual incarnations.