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Roubal is the king of the goblins of the Land Beyond, though his power also extends to ruling over the foxes of the Nameless Zone, to an extent. He considers himself a moderniser, though according to Morain Blackthorn, 'everybody else sees him as a total creep'.

When Roubal came into power, he built an enormous castle right next to the foxes' village and supposedly captured the three Enchanter Kings and Errol Blackthorn. When Morain and a recently summoned Tails came to rescue the captive foxes, they found Roubal and the kings enjoying a drink in luxury. It was revealed that Roubal and the kings had brokered a deal: in exchange for a promise that there would be a ceremony once a year in which the Enchanter Kings promised to obey the goblins. In return, the goblins would never attack again, and the Nameless Zone would be run more or less the same as usual. If not, there would be a long and bloody war which the vicious goblins would inevitably win. The Enchanter Kings had no choice but to agree, and the Nameless Zone quietly came under Roubal's rule.

Since then, Roubal's talk of the goblins barely interfering with the foxes' lives has proven to be nothing more than words: goblin policemen now enforce laws in the Nameless Zone, trade is weighted towards the goblins (Morain views the grain trade as theft), polluting factories have been built new villages, and a train line is being built that will allow goblins to move en masse into the Zone when the foxes can't afford to move to the Land Beyond. The positive aspects of Roubal's rule for the foxes are the technological benefits, new medicines, the ability to "negotiate" better deals, and lack of bloodshed, though the price is considered too high by dissidents like Morain. In the Land Beyond, some of the goblins enjoy the new peace and don't understand why the foxes are against it; however, others like Sergeant Gork think Roubal is too lenient with the Nameless Zone and call his treaty "cowardly" because the Nameless Zone hasn't been outright conquered.

It can be safely assumed that Roubal is still in power.