Art by Mike Hadley

Not to be confused with the Rocky Valley Zone.

The Rocky Desert Zone is a Zone on Mobius. As its name suggests, the region is large and barren, with mountains of rock replacing the traditional desert sand. Intense activity on the surface of the Zone can result in green dust being lifted which can lead to temporary blindness for organic and robot lifeforms.

The Freedom Fighters were once called to deal with a Badnik attack on the Zone, despite a supposed lack of inhabitants. Shortly after, Sonic the Hedgehog was attacked by two EggRobos and Shortfuse the Cybernik, the latter controlled by Doctor Robotnik's Control Disc. The Badniks were destroyed by Tails and Amy Rose, but dazed chaos and environment took their toll on Sonic and Shortfuse. It was eventually left to Tekno the Canary to remove the Control Disc, ending the battle.



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