Robotnik No More? is a complete story starring Sonic the Hedgehog from Issue 150. The story, part of the Shanazar story arc follows Sonic's first true reunion with Doctor Kintobor since he turned into Doctor Robotnik.



Kintobor begins by explaining how he turned back from his Robotnik form. After his last defeat, Robotnik had actually shrunk so small that he had entered a new universe - one that fit inside a single atom. Heading towards the planet of Shanazar, Robotnik woke up in a desert, but with the shape and personality of Kintobor! After wandering for days, he was found by nomads and brought to the kingdom of Shanazar where, as the first outsider, he was treated like royalty. After redesigning the city's plumbing system, Kintobor was named Grand Vizier to Princess Kupacious. Speaking of which, Kintobor is summoned to see the Princess. Coming with him, the Imperial Guards spot Sonic and launch into a battle, where they are easily defeated by Sonic. A loud shriek marks the appearance of Kupacius. As Kintobor pretends that Sonic is his pet (much to Sonic's dislike), Kupacius reveals she has a special mission for Kintobor, but one that spells certain death for both him and Sonic.


The previous Sonic story was Shanazar. The next was The Mystic Mountain.

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