Robotnik Forever! is a Doctor Robotnik/Sonic's World story which ran in Issue 240 of Sonic the Comic Online.



In a dark dimension, a sane and very much alive Robotnik stands gloating in front of a bank of computers with a nervous Grimer at his side. The dictator's promises of revenge are interrupted by Grimer pointing out Sonic on the security monitors. Sonic knows Robotnik has returned and is storming the new base, fighting off every Badnik that gets near him, and advances after a siren goes off. Unfortunately, Sonic runs right into an army of Flashers, and with no room to manouevre is shocked to death. Robotnik celebrates his victory, but his speech is cut off when Grimer flips a switch. The whole complex goes dark, and Robotnik stands silent, his head bowed, revealed to only be a robot. That evening, a dejected Grimer watches the news, eats, and sets up the whole system again, repairing the downed Sonic robot, and adjusting the warning siren. At 7:00, the next morning, Grimer pulls the switch, and the Robotnik robot gloats anew, asking Grimer who would believe he would be 'reduced to a blithering madman'. To which the saddened Grimer replies 'not I, master. Your faithful Grimer never doubted you.'


  • This isn't the first time Sonic has been killed in a simulation, previous times being The Sonic Terminator and Day of the Death Egg.
  • Grimer would later find the real Robotnik, but would not serve him, instead acting in his memory....
  • The strip is mostly a Robotnik strip, something that hasn't been seen since the third part of The Final Victory. However, the formatting of Page 5 shows the strip to be a "Sonic's World 1", the second being Bitten by the Gambling Bug.


This story ran alongside Bitten by the Gambling Bug. The previous Sonic's World story was The Big Bang. The next story was Kill Big.

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