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Roberto Corona (often credited as Bob Corona for space reasons) was an artist for Sonic the Comic and was a regular contributor alongside Richard Elson, Nigel Dobbyn and Carl Flint. Corona became known for his work in the Amy Rose strips as well as occasional Tails and Sonic the Hedgehog stories. His work was occasionally coloured by Nigel Dobbyn.

Corona made an appearance in Issue 261 of Sonic the Comic Online, celebrating the comic's 20th anniversary. As part of the Memory Zone feature, Corona participated in an interview and revealed his thoughts on how he started at STC, the style guides and his future work in advertising.

Although Corona was on the STC team for a number of years, he has also had stories published in 2000AD, Judge Dredd Magazine and DC Comics. He also worked on the Welcome to Heck webcomic.


Issues Story Series
Issue 35 to Issue 38 Zonerunner & The Flock Tails
Issue 41 In Good Hands Amy Rose
Issue 45 to Issue 47 Enter the Cybernik Sonic's World
Issue 46 The Big Con Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 48 to Issue 51 Zonerunner & The Big Freeze Tails
Issue 55 to Issue 56 The Great Escape! Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 74 Mission to the Metropolis Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 79 Return to the Miracle Planet Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 79 Grounded Tails
Issue 80 Fleabyte Returns Tails
Issue 81 Shock Tactics! Tails
Issue 83 Bubble Trouble Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 84 Sneaker Seeker Tails
Issue 85 Scream Theme Park Sonic's World
Issue 86 to Issue 88 Future Shock Sonic's World
Issue 88 Small Change Tails
Issue 90 to Issue 91 Secret Weapon Sonic's World
Issue 91 to Issue 92 The Hive Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 92 Head in the Clouds Sonic's World
Issue 93 A Christmas Wish Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 94 to Issue 95 The Monster Wakes Sonic's World
Issue 95 Out For a Spin Amy Rose
Issue 96 Furtual Reality Tails
Issue 97 Boiling Point Sonic's World
Issue 100 The Final Victory Doctor Robotnik
Issue 101 Vote For Me Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 103 DIY Danger Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 106 Out of Work Hero Sonic's World
Issue 108 Spot of Bother Amy Rose
Issue 109 to Issue 110 Star Struck Amy Rose
Issue 111 to Issue 113 Spaced Out Amy & Tekno
Issue 114 to Issue 115 Earthbound Amy & Tekno
Issue 118 Multi-Mania Amy & Tekno
Issue 119 Peace of the Action Amy & Tekno
Issue 120 Riot Resolution Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 122 Recipe for Disaster Tails
Issue 128 First Flight Tails
Issue 128 Yesterday's Heroes Amy Rose
Issue 128 Show of Strength Double Sonic
Issue 131 Game On! Double Sonic
Issue 132 Vane Hopes Amy Rose
Issue 133 Sun-Trap Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 134 Eternity Ring Amy Rose
Issue 136 Prehistoric Ways Amy Rose
Issue 139 Whatever Happened to Grimer? Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 140 to Issue 141 Out of Time Amy Rose
Issue 142 Revenge Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 142 Day One Amy Rose
Issue 143 to Issue 144 When in Romanus Amy Rose
Issue 145 Captain Christmas Tails
Issue 146 to Issue 148 Return of the Nightmare Super Sonic
Issue 149 The Thirteenth Task Amy Rose
Issue 150 Going Underground Tails
Issue 151 Northern Frights Tails
Issue 152 to Issue 153 Treasure Seeker Amy Rose
Issue 154 to Issue 155 Gangster Trap Amy Rose
Issue 156 Full Circle Amy Rose

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