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Elson, as drawn by himself.

Richard Elson is an artist best known for his work on Sonic the Comic, as well as extended runs with 2000AD, Marvel and The Beano, as well as issues of Spider-Man from 2012. Elson is one of the most popular artists among Boomers, often topping reader polls. His work alongside writer Nigel Kitching is frequently remembered as the best STC ever saw. As a result, Elson was the lone artist on the comic from Issue 170 until the series' demise in Issue 223, contributing all covers in that period. He returned to draw the cover for Issue 256 and provided some original drawings for a competition in the same issue.

Elson told Judge Dredd Megazine #285 in 2009 that Sonic the Comic was a high point of his career: "it felt like we were doing Jack Kirby and Stan Lee things, making up whole new worlds, pretty much ignoring the games and just going off and coming up with loads of mad ****ing ideas all the time."

Elson was co-credited as a writer in Captain Plunder story Shanghaied. He was also responsible for the designs of Lord Sidewinder and his crew, with Kitching only having to come up with personalities to fit the characters' appearances.


  • Elson also told Judge Dredd Megazine #285 that he never liked the Sonic games: "this always appalls Sonic fans when you tell then, but I used to play Mario instead; Sonic was *****."



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