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Not to be confused with Sonic the Comic Online strip Revolutionary.

Revolution is a 4-part Sonic's World story that beg

Things get really bad and go downhill from there. Art by Nigel Kitching and John M Burns.

an in Issue 79. The story is the culmination of the Commander Brutus story arc.



Every now and then, Doctor Robotnik likes to unleash a Badnik attack on the citizens of the Metropolis Zone, just to remind them who's in charge. Fortunately, the Freedom Fighters are in the area and begin to attack the attackers. The heroes get stuck in and are winning, but Amy Rose points out that they're still heavily outnumbered. However, something defeats the Buzzer she is fighting without her even shooting her crossbow. It seems that even more Badniks are on the scene and have destroyed all of Robotnik's forces. Johnny Lightfoot reveals that they belong to Brutus, remembering the time in the Cotton Factory Zone when he last faced them. Sonic, not waiting to get shot at, begins to tear into these new enemies. Before they can all be destroyed, a massive ship begins to descend, meaning that Brutus has personally joined the fight. He declares that this is the day he conquers Mobius and won't be stopped by two hedgehogs and a skinny rabbit. In Citadel Robotnik, Robotnik and Grimer are watching. The tyrant is furious and orders Grimer to prepare the army. Back outside, Sonic says he'd help Brutus if he knew that things wouldn't be worse with him in charge. Brutus agrees, saying he plans to destroy all non-robot lifeforms. Sonic still can't damage Brutus without being Super Sonic and the Trooper responds by knocking Sonic out with his blaster. With Sonic down, Amy and Johnny are easily captured.

With no opposition, Buruts begins his revolution and watches the two Badniks armies lay into each other. A mile from the battlesite, Sonic wakes up with his friends nowhere in sight. Fortunately, help is at hand with the appearance of super-Badnik Shortfuse the Cybernik. After a quick explanation, Sonic and Shortfuse speed to the citadel. Inside, Robotnik is still calm, despite the sudden appearance of Brutus and his loyal Troopers smashing through a wall. Robotnik isn't fazed and pulls out a self-destruct device, similar to the one used to defeat the Brotherhood of Metallix. However, the button doesn't work and Brutus states he found out about it weeks ago and removed it. Brutus orders his Troopers to execute Robotnik but is accidentally saved by the arrival of Sonic and Shortfuse. After dealing with some Troopers, Shortfuse taunts Brutus by saying his armour is made of Megatal. Brutus isn't bothered, since so is his, proving it by smashing Shortfuse into the floor. Robotnik and Grimer have escaped, but Brutus is more interested in showing Sonic that his friends are still alive. A quick phone call later and Sonic is faced with a horrible situation - his friends are now Badniks!

Another fight begins, with Sonic's friends attempting to kill him. Sonic loses his footing and falls to the ground but is caught by the Amy Badnik. Sonic is happy that his friend still remembers him, but changes his mind as she throws him through a billboard. Brutus leaves the situation, knowing that his new Badniks will kill Sonic. Shortfuse says he won't let Brutus rule Mobius, but Brutus responds by punching him through a wall. Fortunately, he lands right in the fight scene with Sonic and the Badniks. Sonic attempts to smash the Johnny Badnik but pulls his punches because it's his friend inside. The Badnik turns his attentions on Shortfuse, shooting the recovering Cybernik. The squirrel responds by blasting open Johnny, rescuing him. Sonic grabs Johnny, but the trio are still under attack by Amy. Underneath Citadel Robotnik, Robotnik is ready to release the War-Armour. Brutus follows their footprints but is soon thumped to the floor by Robotnik's new protection.

Back on the roof, the Amy Badnik unleashes a volley of arrows at the trio. Sonic responds by sucking the arrows into a slipstream and launches them back at her. The shock frees her from her prison. She seems to respond badly to the freedom, but is soon fine when she gives Sonic a surprise kiss. Soon, the gang move back to the streets, just in time to see Robotnik and Brutus crash through the floor, having their fight. The four hide away, hoping that they both take each other out. Brutus launches another hit with his blaster, wishing to be called "Emperor Brutus". He then tells Robotnik to surrender, calling himself Robotnik's equal. However, since his creation, Robotnik has new tricks up his sleeve, including an ice blaster. The attack freezes Brutus solid and Robotnik laments not being able to achieve so much with him. However, like all failure robots, they deserve to be scrapped, so Robotnik punches the fragile Brutus, completely destroying him. Grimer climbs out of his hiding place, the revolution finally over.

A few days later, Robotnik appears on television to inform his citizens of the revolution and that he is still in charge. He has also taken over the Badniks loyal to Brutus, adding to his own army. Robotnik vows to punish all of the world's "criminals", leading to Shortfuse (in the Stone Tower Zone) to call Robotnik the biggest criminal in the world. Everyone now has supposedly more reason to fear their master, evidenced by more Trooper attacks on the streets of the Metropolis Zone. His final words are that Mobius is his forever, with Sonic even more determined to prove him wrong.


Several Badniks belonging to Robotnik appeared in the first and second parts of the story, not all from the Metropolis Zone:


  • Following the trend in Project Brutus and Brute Force, the heroes completely fail in any straight battle against Brutus. Their only achievement is saving Robotnik.
    • This is also the first time Shortfuse has turned up and been utterly thrashed: he won't be again until the first appearance of Vermin the Cybernik. Readers were used to seeing Shortfuse turn up and be impressively powerful, able to take on any foe.
  • This is one of the few, rare stories where Robotnik outright wins and the heroes lose.
  • Parts two to four ran in the same issues as Running Wild, another story involving the Freedom Fighters. (If you fudge this and view Running Wild as occuring first, it explains why the stress of the situation doesn't unleash Super Sonic)
  • It seemed to have slipped Johnny's mind about Brutus' Badniks, only just mentioning he's met them before when they descend on Metropolis Zone.
  • Brutus says he's upgraded his laser blaster to match Sonic's speed. When he last met Sonic, he didn't have the blaster so this is an odd threat to make.
  • The Brotherhood of Metallix couldn't remove their self-destruct implant, instead having to complete alter history to save themselves. Brutus, however, simply learned about it and removed it, with no further explanation.
    • Robotnik could have used the self-destruct button at any time, rather than summon an army first: this is the same mistake he made with the Metallix.
  • It would have surely been better to quickly shoot Robotnik before turning his attentions on Sonic, especially since the Troopers have failed against Sonic on countless occasions.
  • This is the first time Amy became a Badnik since Girl Trouble, although the process wasn't completed. Johnny had never become one before.
  • The billboard Sonic was thrown through isn't practical. It's on the roof, but is facing the middle of the roof.
  • Although the Amy Badnik is destroyed by arrows, more arrows are heading her way after she's been freed.
  • Tails never made it to the Revolution, getting sidetracked by other events - most notably the defence of the Casino Night Zone - during those four issues. (In the first, one of the Badniks' is specifically sent to take him out) Brutus' takeover in the Tails stories seems to go on for a lot longer than it does in Revolution.
  • Tails is shown to watch Robotnik's transmission from the Casino Night Zone, despite him already leaving to help his friends. He had possibly returned there after the rampage ended.


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