The Review Zone is a feature in Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Comic Online dedicated to reviewing new video games. Early editions were handled by Tony Takoushi and David Gibbon, although Takoushi was later replaced by the

likes of Jenny Fromer, Vincent Low and Nick Protz. Richard Burton also supplied a few early reviews.

The format of reviews in this feature were almost identical in every issue. The start of the article would show the "key", indicating what the abbreviations of each Sega console was and what exactly each percentage rating meant (from "Mega City!" down to "Yawnsville"). Each game would be accompanied by the game's title, the console, type of game and number of players it accomodates. After the review would come the reviewer's name (or initials) and the "Fast Fax". This would contain individual scores for graphics, sound and playability. As well as this, the reviewer included the game's Raves (positive aspects) and Graves (negatives). Later editions would feature "spike ball" graphics with either their thumb up or down. Finally, the review would receive a score to fit in with STC's rating system.

Early editions of Review Zone spanned an average of four pages, with individual reviews crossing pages to make a lively feature. Towards the end of the Mega Drive's run, when the Saturn was the only competing Sega system, the Review Zone began to wind up with fewer games to feature.

Sonic the Comic Online reintroduced the Review Zone, although largely just featuring one game every issue. This game would almost always be the most recent Sonic game to be released and the format was almost exactly the same as the print edition's version. Stuart Gipp became the comic's Review Hume, but would eventually be replaced by Iain Stewart. Although almost all reviews are provided by Stewart, occasional ones are produced by Drew Middlemas, Shadic, Seumidh MacDonald and others.

As of Issue 257, reviews no longer contain a score (apart from the Sonic the Comic 'game' that broke the rating scale). In Issue 260, a film was reviewed for the first time, namely Wreck-it Ralph, a film that contains cameos from the video game versions of Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Robotnik.

List of reviewed titles

TitleScore (%)PlatformReviewerIssue
Tom & Jerry70GGTony TakoushiIssue 1
Road Avenger75MCDTony TakoushiIssue 1
The Flintstones85MDTony TakoushiIssue 1
The X-Men70MDTony TakoushiIssue 1
James Bond - The Duel79MDDavid GibbonIssue 1
Jungle Strike85MDTony TakoushiIssue 2
Final Fight75MCDTony TakoushiIssue 2
Batman Returns85MCDTony TakoushiIssue 2
Night Trap75MCDTony TakoushiIssue 2
Steel Talons80MDRichard BurtonIssue 2
Double Clutch70MDTony TakoushiIssue 3
Afterburner 375MCDTony TakoushiIssue 3
Flash80MSTony TakoushiIssue 3
Wonder Boy in Monster World80MSTony TakoushiIssue 4
Streets of Rage 280GGTony TakoushiIssue 4
Time Gal60MCDTony TakoushiIssue 4
Micro Machines95MDDavid GibbonIssue 5
Master of Darkness75GGTony TakoushiIssue 5
GP Rider65MSTony TakoushiIssue 5
Outrun 201970MDTony TakoushiIssue 5
Galaga 265GGTony TakoushiIssue 5
Mazin Wars85MDTony TakoushiIssue 6
Sega World Tournament Golf75MSTony TakoushiIssue 6
Summer Challenge80MDRichard BurtonIssue 6
Shinobi 385MDTony TakoushiIssue 7
Make My Video: INXS70MCDTony TakoushiIssue 7
Gunstar Heroes80MDTony TakoushiIssue 7
Bubsy88MDDavid GibbonIssue 8
Ultimate Soccer75MDTony TakoushiIssue 8
Ranger X80MDTony TakoushiIssue 8
Robo Aleste75MDTony Takoushi*Issue 8
Jurassic Park75MDTony TakoushiIssue 8
Ecco the Dolphin85GGTony TakoushiIssue 9
Jurassic Park70GGTony TakoushiIssue 9
Home Alone75MSTony TakoushiIssue 9
Fantastic Dizzy90MDDavid GibbonIssue 9
Streetfighter 290MDTony Takoushi**Issue 10
Aladdin90MDTony Takoushi**Issue 10
Landstalker80MDTony Takoushi**Issue 10
Wimbledon75MDTony Takoushi**Issue 10
Ren & Stimpy70GGVincent Low**Issue 11
Battletoads85GGVincent Low**Issue 11
Road Runner65MSVincent Low**Issue 11
Sherlock Holmes 275MCDVincent Low**Issue 11
Cosmic Spacehead90MDDavid GibbonIssue 12
Sonic Chaos85MS/GGVincent LowIssue 12
Ottifants70MSVincent LowIssue 12
B.O.B.73MDDavid GibbonIssue 12
Asterix and The Great Rescue70MDVincent LowIssue 12
Sonic Spinball80MD?Issue 13
Thunderhawk93MCDDavid GibbonIssue 14
Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck87MDDavid GibbonIssue 14
Masters of Combat90MSVincent LowIssue 14
F192MDDavid GibbonIssue 14
Ottifants70MDVincent LowIssue 14
Sonic the Hedgehog CD90MCDVincent LowIssue 15
Silpheed85MCDVincent LowIssue 15
Ecco the Dolphin90MCDVincent LowIssue 15
PGA Tour Golf54MS/GGSteve MayIssue 15
Gauntlet IV78MDSteve MayIssue 15
Buggy Run80MSVincent LowIssue 16
Donald Duck 275MSVincent LowIssue 16
Toe Jam & Earl 285MDVincent LowIssue 16
Davis Cup World Tour92MDDavid GibbonIssue 16
Eternal Champions85MDVincent LowIssue 17
Joe Montana's NFL Football65MCDVincent LowIssue 17
Wonderdog80MCDVincent LowIssue 17
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine80MDVincent LowIssue 17
Greatest Heavyweights80MDVincent LowIssue 18
Pebble Beach Golf80MDVincent LowIssue 18
Ren & Stimpy88MDVincent LowIssue 18
Gods86MDDavid GibbonIssue 18
Zool83MDDavid GibbonIssue 18
Sonic the Hedgehog 3?MDVincent LowIssue 19
Prizefighter75MCDVincent LowIssue 20
Wiz 'n' Liz61MDSteve MayIssue 20
FIFA International Soccer95MDChris JonesIssue 20
Sensible Soccer80MDChris JonesIssue 20
International Rugby76MDDavid GibbonIssue 21
Micro Machines92MS/GGDavid GibbonIssue 21
General Chaos87MDSteve MayIssue 21
Winter Olympics68MDJenny Fromer and Nick ProtzIssue 22
Dino Basher76MS/GGDavid GibbonIssue 22
Jungle Book85MS/GGDavid GibbonIssue 22
C.J. Elephant Fugitive79GGDavid GibbonIssue 23
Aladdin85MSVincent LowIssue 23
Subterrania85MDVincent LowIssue 23
Road Rash90MS/GGDavid GibbonIssue 24
Barkley: Shut Up & Jam83MDDavid GibbonIssue 24
Virtual Pinball80MDJenny FromerIssue 24
Prince of Persia79MDDavid GibbonIssue 25
James Pond 387MDSteve MayIssue 25
Castlevania - The New Generation87MDDavid GibbonIssue 25
Skitchin'88MDJenny FromerIssue 26
Battlecorps86MCDDavid GibbonIssue 26
Soulstar91MCDDavid GibbonIssue 26
NBA Showdown84MDNick ProtzIssue 27
Bubba 'n' Stix76MDDavid GibbonIssue 27
Normy's Beach Babe-o-Rama62MDJenny FromerIssue 27
Dune 2 - The Battle For Arrakis91MDDavid GibbonIssue 28
The Lost Vikings86MDDavid GibbonIssue 28
PGA European Tour Golf81MDDavid GibbonIssue 28
Streets of Rage 385MDVincent LowIssue 29
Shining Force 275MDVincent LowIssue 29
Marko's Magic Football79MDNick ProtzIssue 29
Art of Fighting75MDVincent LowIssue 30
Body Count75MDVincent LowIssue 30
McDonald's Treasure Land80MDVincent LowIssue 30
Mutant League Hockey86MDDavid GibbonIssue 31
Sensible Soccer CD93MCDDavid GibbonIssue 31
Pete Sampras Tennis91MDDavid GibbonIssue 31
RBI Baseball '9484MDDavid GibbonIssue 32
Combat Cars93MCDDavid GibbonIssue 32
World Cup USA '9480MDJenny FromerIssue 32
Champions World Class Soccer Endorsed by Ryan Giggs65MDNick ProtzIssue 33
Mario Andretti Racing85MDSteve MayIssue 34
Daffy Duck in Hollywood55MS/GGVincent LowIssue 34
Sonic Spinball80GGVincent LowIssue 34
Hardball73MDDavid GibbonIssue 35
Taz in Escape From Mars70MDVincent LowIssue 35
The Incredible Hulk90MDDavid GibbonIssue 35
Dragon90MDDavid GibbonIssue 36
Super Street Fighter 292MDSteve MayIssue 36
Radical Rex78MDJenny FromerIssue 37
Yumemi Mystery Mansion75MCDVincent LowIssue 37
Drop Zone86GGDavid GibbonIssue 38
S.S. Lucifer84MDDavid GibbonIssue 38
Ballz86MDDavid GibbonIssue 39
Jungle Book92MDDavid GibbonIssue 39
Bubsy 285MDDavid GibbonIssue 40
Sylvester & Tweety Pie in Cagey Capers91MDDavid GibbonIssue 40
Urban Strike91MD?Issue 41
Earthworm Jim94MDNick ProtzIssue 42
Power Rangers59MDNick ProtzIssue 42
The Lion King90MDJenny FromerIssue 42
Mickey Mania91MDDavid GibbonIssue 42
Sonic & Knuckles91MDDavid GibbonIssue 43
Sonic Triple Trouble87GGDavid GibbonIssue 43
Shaq-Fu75MDNick ProtzIssue 44
International Tour Tennis83MDJenny FromerIssue 44
Rebel Assault78MCDDavid GibbonIssue 44
Hurricanes60MDNick ProtzIssue 45
Micro Machines 294MDNick Protz*Issue 45
Ernie Els' Golf90GGDavid GibbonIssue 45
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure86MDNick ProtzIssue 46
Ristar86MDJenny FromerIssue 46
B.C. Racers79MCDDavid GibbonIssue 47
Power Drive81MDDavid GibbonIssue 47
The Pirates of Dark Water83MDDavid GibbonIssue 48
Rock & Roll Racing81MDDavid GibbonIssue 48
The Smurfs87MDDavid GibbonIssue 48
Asterix and the Power of the Gods83MDNick ProtzIssue 49
Mega Swiv92MDDavid GibbonIssue 49
Sonic Drift 267GGJenny FromerIssue 49
NBA Jam Tournament Edition91MDDavid GibbonIssue 50
Beavis and Butthead83MDJenny FromerIssue 50
Speedy Gonzalez and the Cheese Cat-astrophe68MDNick ProtzIssue 51
The Scottish Open9132XDavid GibbonIssue 51
Brian Lara Cricket73MDNick ProtzIssue 52
Mr Nutz 280MDJenny FromerIssue 53
Knuckles' Chaotix8832XNick ProtzIssue 54
The Adventures of Batman and Robin82MDJenny FromerIssue 56
Judge Dredd87MDJenny FromerIssue 57
Wayne Gretsky and the NHLPA All Stars90MDDavid GibbonIssue 57
Street Racer93MDDavid GibbonIssue 58
Comix Zone91MDNick ProtzIssue 60
Marsupilami86MDNeil BryantIssue 62
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters82MDNeil BryantIssue 66
Zoop!89MDNeil BryantIssue 66
Waterworld77MDNeil BryantIssue 67
Pete Sampras Tennis '9690MDNeil BryantIssue 68
Micro Machines '9698MDNeil BryantIssue 68
FIFA Soccer '9690MDChris JonesIssue 70
Toy Story85MDChris JonesIssue 77
The Ooze70MDChris JonesIssue 78
Magic Carpet94SSDavid GibbonIssue 78
True Pinball86SSDavid GibbonIssue 79
Gex84SSDavid GibbonIssue 80
Wipeout99SSChris JonesIssue 80
The Horde82SSChris JonesIssue 81
Brian Lara '96 Cricket82MDChris JonesIssue 81
World Cup Golf: Professional Edition87SSDavid GibbonIssue 82
Euro '9693SSDavid GibbonIssue 82
Sonic the Hedgehog 291MDDavid GibbonIssue 83
Sonic & Knuckles87MDDavid GibbonIssue 83
Panzer Dragoon 293SSDavid GibbonIssue 84
Starfighter 300086SSDavid GibbonIssue 84
Olympic Summer Games87MDDavid GibbonIssue 85
Baku Baku90GGDavid GibbonIssue 85
Slam 'N' Jam90SSDavid GibbonIssue 86
Shining Wisdom84SSDavid GibbonIssue 87
Tin Tin in Tibet81MDDavid GibbonIssue 87
Ecco the Dolphin94PC?Issue 88
Comix Zone82PC?Issue 88
Worms85MDJenny Fromer/Nick ProtzIssue 89
Road Rash87SSDavid GibbonIssue 90
Pocahontas85MDChris JonesIssue 91
Pinocchio70MDChris JonesIssue 91
Discworld85SSChris JonesIssue 92
Virtua Fighter Kids95SSChris JonesIssue 92
Sonic 3D95MDChris JonesIssue 93
Fighting Vipers95SSChris JonesIssue 94
Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble70MDChris JonesIssue 94
Destruction Derby75SSChris JonesIssue 95
Worldwide Soccer '9792SSChris JonesIssue 96
Sonic 3D85SSChris JonesIssue 101
Saturn Bomberman81SSChris JonesIssue 107

List of reviewed titles in Sonic the Comic Online

Title Score (%) Platform Reviewer Issue
Sonic Heroes 93 GCN, PS2, XBOX ? Issue 229
Sonic Battle 68 GBA Stuart Gipp Issue 230
Sonic Advance 3 94 GBA Stuart Gipp Issue 231
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon 90 GBA Ed Reynolds Issue 232
Sonic Gems Collection 88 GCN, PS2 Matt Harris Issue 237
Sonic Rush 96 DS Rebecca Gunn Sonic the Poster Mag 2005
Shadow the Hedgehog 89 GCN, PS2, XBOX Stuart Gipp Sonic the Poster Mag 2005
Shadow the Hedgehog -100000 GCN, PS2, XBOX Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Poster Mag 2005
Sonic Riders 92 GCN, PS2, XBOX Iain Stewart Issue 239
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) 80 360, PS3 Iain Stewart Issue 241
Sonic and the Secret Rings 91 WII Iain Stewart Issue 243
Sonic Rush Adventure 82 DS Iain Stewart Issue 244
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 74 WII Shadic Sonic the Poster Mag 2007
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams 50 WII Iain Stewart Issue 245
Sega Superstars Tennis 80 WII, 360, PS3, DS John Taylor Issue 246
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity 25 WII, PS2 Iain Stewart Issue 247
Decap Attack 79 MD Iain Stewart Halloween Special
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood 79 DS Iain Stewart Issue 248
Sonic Unleashed 40 WII, 360, PS2, PS3 Iain Stewart Issue 248
Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection 90 360, PS3 Iain Stewart

Issue 249

The House of the Dead: Overkill 80 WII Drew Middlemas Issue 249
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 79 WII, PS3, 360 Iain Stewart Issue 253
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (iOS edition) Unrated IPAD, IPHONE Seumidh MacDonald Issue 253
Sonic Colours 77 WII Drew Middlemas Issue 253
Sonic Colours 85 DS Stuart Gipp Issue 256
Sonic Generations Unrated 360, PS3, PC Stuart Gipp, Iain Stewart, Nam, Seumidh MacDonald Issue 257
Sonic the Comic: The Official Game of the Comic 102 360, PS3 Jamie J Sonic the Easter Special
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II/Episode Metal 65%*** PS3, 360, iOS, other phones Stuart Clack

Issue 258

Sonic Adventure 2 Unrated XBOX LIVE, PSN, STEAM Mike Corker Issue 259
Wreck-It Ralph Unrated FILM Adamis Issue 260

"*" - This game did not have a credited reviewer, so has been assigned one from the reviewer's scoring conventions. "**" - These may have alternatively been written by Gibbon, as there were no individual credits. "***" - Clack gave this no official score, but stated he would award it a "mid-sixties" score had he done so.

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