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Revenge is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story in Issue 142 of Sonic the Comic.



Sonic and Porker Lewis have been called to the Metropolis Zone Central Bank, where a robbery has seen half of the gold stolen. Although this would usually be a police matter, the thief left a note for Sonic that stated an "old friend" would be back for the other half of the gold that night. Sonic offers to guard the vault for the night, allowing Porker and the bank manager to leave. Sonic grabs a chair and prepares for night watch.

Next morning, Sonic is frustrated that the criminal didn't arrive. However, a bank worker is horrified to find that the rest of the money has been taken from under Sonic's nose. Fortunately, Porker has a plan. The pig had hidden a transmitting device on one of the bars of gold, allowing him to trace it with his receiving device. Although grateful, Sonic is annoyed that Porker didn't let him in on the plan. A little later, Porker traces the gold down to a rough area of the Metropolis Zone and points out the building it is in. Sure enough, the heroes spot Nack the Weasel poking his head out of a window and Sonic runs up to tackle him. However, Nack shrinks himself with his cartridges. Porker soon catches up but is powerless to stop a now fully-grown Nack from pummelling Sonic. Nack explains that, after being shrunk to the size of an atom, he found a way to come back and is now able to easily control his size. To demonstrate he grows larger than the room itself and tries to squash Sonic.

However, Nack's rampage is ended by police sirens, summoned by Porker. Nack makes his escape with a shrinking cartridge before Sonic can stop him. Despite this, the gold, that had been shrunk to microscopic size and carried out through a crack in the vault, has now been retrieved and Sonic was almost certainly about to defeat Nack before the police arrived.



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