Art by Richard Elson

The Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor (R.O.C.C.) was a device created by Doctor Kintobor when he discovered the Chaos Emeralds. Using the golden rings scattered across Mobius and installing them in this machine, Kintobor worked to absorb all negative energy on the planet into the Chaos Emeralds. His ultimate goal: to erase all evil from Mobius forever. The ROCC proved to be quite unstable, however, due to the missing Control Emerald. One fateful day, as Kintobor removed a rotten egg from his refridgerator, he tripped over a cable and slammed the egg into the ROCC's control console, overloading the machine and releasing all of the Chaos Emeralds' collected evil energy. This resulted not only in the ROCC's destruction, but also transformed Ovi Kintobor into the greatest evil Mobius would ever know: Doctor Ivo Robotnik. The Chaos Emeralds inside quickly became unstable and warped to the Special Zone.


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