Resurrection Men ra

Not what you expect to see on any given day. Art by Lisa Lee.

n in the Hallowe'en Special and Issue 248 of Sonic the Comic Online.



23rd February 2018. Sophie Rogan of the DBR Corporation is being held captive by the Resurrection Men in London and isn't too willing to talk. Interrogator Agnes Reid returns once more to the Curien Mansion Incident of 1998, wondering why Biotech resided in a mansion rather than a glass tower. Sophie reveals the rent was cheap and the landscape suited Dr. Curien's twisted ego. She wonders if Curien was mad or intoxicated with dreams, but Agnes isn't interested, turning her attention to the creatures Curien created. Perfect combinations of art and science, form and function. Once the monster problem got out of hand, AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G waded in to cull the zombies. They were slow, but there were many creatures to trample on along the way. Creatures that had turned on their creators. They had only meant to be disposable fighters, cheaper than human soldiers, but surely Curien had not meant to destroy the world. Even so, Sophie had stuck by Thomas, pushing her hero right to the end.

Agnes uncuffs Sophie, content with what she's heard. She had promised to release her once she cooperated and was now doing so; with humanity suffering so much, the Resurrection Men want their world back. Sophie may be free to go, but where to is another matter. With powers of telepathy, Agnes calls in a group of zombies to kill Sophie. She fights well, using an iron bar to fend off one beast, but another sends her sprawling. When all hope seems lost, a shotgun blast suddenly rings out and Sophie's hero, and husband, Thomas has come to the rescue. Unfortunately, he's forgotten to buy the milk!

Thomas greets Agnes, thinking she'd drowned some time ago. He doesn't want to shoot her, since humanity is running low, but she wouldn't be missed. Agnes threatens to call more zombies but Sophie lashes out, knocking her out with a chair. She then reveals that agent Alan didn't make it, but is soon interrupted by daughter Lisa giving her a massive hug. G also arrives with supplies, having left the car to an empty street. Once they reach the exit, however, they discover the area filled with marauding zombies. Later, in the Red Bar, the fight continues, but Lisa quickly ends it, torching the zombies with flaming cocktails.

Suddenly, the team are intercepted by Type 22: The High Priestess, who hypnotises all but G. After leaping up and shooting her in the eye, G revives his friends and Sophie suggests getting in a car. Lisa relishes drive-by-shooting the zombies as Sophie recounts her previous mission. Alan and her had discovered Naomi, something that will destroy the zombie hordes for good - replacing them with something much worse.


  • Unusually for a non-Sonic strip, which is normally limited to five pages, each of the two instalments of Resurrection Men were extended to six pages each.
  • One typo sees Thomas say "and and". Agnes also says "You knight" instead of "your-".


This is the opening story of the House of the Dead saga.