Art by Casanovas and John M Burns

Red Jackets are the names given to Queen Vulpecula's secret police. They are so named because of the red coats the goblins wear. The Red Jackets are based at Castle Morbidden and protect their Queen from danger. Prince Catalus also wears a red jacket and may be their leader.


Wishing to engage in some sport, Queen Vulpecula instructed her brother, Catalus, to kidnap some young fox cubs. He eventually returned with Tails, Jimmy and Jilly, prompting the start of the games. Vulpecula ordered her Red Jackets to assist her with the search, helping her to chase the foxes but not catching them until she caught up. However, the Red Jackets proved ineffective, with Vulpecula catching the cubs on her own. Later, the police accompanied the Queen to the top of the castle but were unable to stop Tails and the twins from escaping.


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