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The rabbit from Issue 7, drawn by Richard Elson.

Rabbits are animals that appear throughout Mobius. They are often identified by their long, floppy ears, fluffy tail and the ability to hop on all fours.

  • Holly of the The Ultimax is a rabbit, whose ears are incorporated into her hat. More like a rabbit than any other character, she is seen to jump around hyperactively and gets very excited by many things (including Tails and Fabian Vane.
  • Many rabbits make up part of the Emerald Hill folk, making it unclear which ones are Johnny Lightfoot unless he is wearing his jacket. One rabbit is the only one left behind in the Green Hill Zone in Issue 2. Another is attacked by Super Sonic in the Oil Ocean Zone before Tails calms him down. Others are released from Badniks or appear as support characters in nearly every story until Casino Night. Johnny is also said to have many family members all over Mobius.