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Pyjamas is a gifted - yet somewhat eccentric - psychic from the Metropolis Zone and is best friends with the sorceress Ebony. Both she and Ebony made their first STC appearances in the Knuckles story, Roots.


Pyjamas comes off as somewhat eccentric. She often makes wild predictions of the future which no one - not even Ebony - will take seriously, even though many of her prophecies have come true. Aside from her occasional ramblings of impending doom, Pyjamas is a kind and friendly woman who tries to see the best in people, although this was not the case when she met Super Sonic as she could sense his demonic aura.

Powers and Abilities

Pyjamas possesses great psychic abilities and an uncanny foresight of the future. She is also a practised hypnotist and can reach into the minds of others and see their memories and dreams. This power was what caused the amnesiac Super Sonic to regain his memories.


In all of her appearances, Pyjamas has been in the company of her friend Ebony. When they first appeared in Issue 94, they were attending a protest to try and stop Doctor Robotnik from destroying what little forest and parkland remained in Metropolis. Pyjamas continuously ranted about imminent danger, which Ebony and the other protesters ignored. Her prediction came true, however, when a fight ensued between Knuckles and Omen's henchmen and the Elder Tree was destroyed by a stray rocket. The trees became enraged and threatened to kill everyone, but Knuckles was able to reason with them and convince them to release Omen's goons and all the protesters.

Pyjamas and Ebony would not appear again until the arrival of Super Sonic on their doorstep. The amnesiac demon hedgehog wandered into The Groovy Train looking for work, but Pyjamas urged Ebony to get rid of him due to another of her prophecies of doom. Surely enough, when Super Sonic walked into the Groovy Train, trouble followed. The Special Zone criminal Bio-Hazard had come to Mobius to capture Super Sonic and take him back to Lord Sidewinder, who wanted Super's god-like powers for himself. Ebony and Pyjamas tried to protect Super Sonic and asked why he was being chased. He couldn't say as he didn't remember, so Pyjamas tried to reach into his mind in order to find out his identity. What she found was pure destructive rage and hatred, which had been repressed following the loss of Super Sonic's powers. After this psychic contact, Super recovered his memory but refused to tap into his powers, fearing he would again become the horrible demon that haunted his nightmares. Luckily, Bio-Hazard was recalled to the Special Zone before he could grab Super Sonic, so the hedgehog was safe. Ebony and Pyjamas then decided to take Super in, offering him a job and a home. This arrangement proved difficult to maintain, however, as there would be occasions when Super Sonic would be tempted into using his powers again to help others, but unlock his demonic side as well.

Sonic the Comic Online

In a pinup, Pyjamas was shown at home helping raise Blaze the Cat



Pyjamas, along with Ebony, Tekno the Canary, Bob Beaky, Metamorphia, Tiara Boobowski and the Tails Doll appeared as an in-joke in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog #134. Pyjamas appears on page 11, listening to King Acorn's announcement that he and Queen Alicia would soon be leaving Knothole for a tour of the planet, and page 19, watching as Princess Sally runs away after breaking up with Sonic the Hedgehog.