Prosecutor 106

Prosecutors are the elite military vanguards of the Drakon Empire. They serve the House of War and act as peacekeepers, military commanders and gladiators. Like all (or at least most) Drakons, Prosecutors are fish that use robotic bodies to function on land. Their bodies have thick armour and they carry staff-like weapons that can fire lasers and even perform more extraordinary functions like controlling gravity.

Prosecutors were first seen in Sonic the Comic in the Issue 106 story, Flickies' Island Part 3.


  • The first Prosecutor to appear had a small crest on its armour shaped in the head of an ancient Sentinel, which had previously appeared in STC Issue 27.
  • The Chaos creature was once a Drakon Prosecutor during the war against the Echidnas. It became a monster after being exposed to pure Chaos energy which mingled with the water in the pond it was in.
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