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Amy and Tekno arrive on Planet Granite. Art by Roberto Corona and Nigel Dobbyn.

s an Amy Rose complete story that appeared in Issue 136 of Sonic the Comic. It could the first story as part of the Eternity Ring story arc.



On their first stop while helping the Ring of Eternity, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary arrive on Planet Granite, a planet a million light years away from Mobius. Much warmer than the Snowcap Mountain Zone, they discard their coats and witness the primitive Meek Tribe going about their business. The happy scene is interrupted by the invading Thickskull Tribe who start attacking their weaker counterparts. They also try harming Tekno, but Amy responds by firing her crossbow, sending the Thickskulls fleeing. The amazed Meeks try and barter for Amy's "magic stick", prompting Tekno to suggest making weapons to defend themselves. Amy isn't sure, worrying the Thickskulls might make their own weapons and start a war, so comes up with a better idea.

Later, the Thickskulls come back to attack once more, but the Meeks begin to fall about laughing. They inform the leader that it's "old hat" to fight and offers to find the source of their anger over a tray of tea and sandwiches. With the prospect of a non-violent culture on Granite, Amy and Tekno fade away, ready to visit their next destination.


  • Amy and Tekno reveal they introduced cucumber sandwiches to Granite. It is unknown, however, how they managed to get the bread and cucumbers on such notice on a primitive planet.
  • The name Planet Granite is very similar to enemy Colonel Granite who the girls meet up with again in Out of Time. The story could be foreshadowing this meeting, or it could simply be because the name sounds nifty and rhymes.
  • Amy credits her plan to Tekno, despite Tekno not saying anything to do with Amy's idea.


The previous Amy Rose story was Eternity Ring. The next is Day of the Puppets.