Predicto is a one-of-a-kind advanced Trooper robot that appeared in the Issue 54 story, Beware Predicto! As the name implies, it was designed to anticipate any attack made against it. It was programmed with all the data Robotnik had on Sonic, Knuckles and the other Freedom Fighters and was able to predict their locations and actions with total accuracy. Predicto tracked Sonic and co. to the Mushroom Valley and engaged them, outmaneuvering them at every turn. None of the Freedom Fighters were able to so much as touch the robot. As Predicto prepared to crush Sonic with a rock, Sonic told him that he admitted defeat. Predicto was baffled by Sonic's surrender, certain that the hedgehog would never give up the fight. Unable to comprehend the situation, Predicto's brain overloaded and the robot blew up.

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