Portal Rings are ancient devices discovered on the Floating Island. They are large, ornately-carved stone hoops covered in mystical runes. Touching these runes activates the ring, opening up portals to the Special Zone. At least two of these artifacts have been discovered on the Floating Island by Knuckles.


Sonic first discovered a Portal Ring whilst examining damage created by the Death Egg's disintegrator arrays. On the outskirts of the Mushroom Hill Zone, the ship had created an enormous crater that had unearthed an odd piece of debris. Knuckles glided down to inspect it and attempted to translate the ancient writing on it, believing it to say it was a "gateway to a dream country". Whilst moving rocks away from it, Knuckles accidentally touched it. Immediately, the ring began to glow and levitate before sucking the echidna through its hole. Knuckles disappeared and the ring reverted to its normal state. On the other side, Knuckles emerged from a random structure in the Special Zone, realising the texts spoke of a "nightmare country".

A Special Zone version, art by Nigel Dobbyn

Much later, Porker Lewis discovered another one whilst Knuckles was seeing to repairs. Knuckles found him and, recognising the ring, urged his friend to stop translating the writing and move away. Unfortunately, Porker banged it with his elbow and the pair were captured before they could run away. This time, the heroes emerged at the bottom of a East River in New Tek City. The transportation was two-way however; after reaching dry land, Knuckles suggested swimming back to the ring and returning home, but a panting Porker vetoed the idea.


  • So far, the Portal Rings have only led to the Special Zone. If they only connected to the Special Zone, then they likely don't work anymore due to the Zone's destruction.
  • The Portal Rings bear a resemblence to the Eternity Ring.
  • Since the Portal Rings were discovered on the Floating Island, it is not unreasonable to believe that the ancient echidnas created them.


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