Porker metallix
The Porker Metallix was a one-of-a-kind model of Metallix built by the Brotherhood of Metallix to impersonate the Freedom Fighter Porker Lewis.


The Metallix was sent to Never Lake on Mobius from the Miracle Planet, which had been terraformed by the Brotherhood. Its mission was to assassinate Sonic the Hedgehog but it was interrupted by the arrival of the Chaotix Crew and an SBS platoon. After the SBS were dispatched, the Porker Metallix observed the Chaotix as they discovered the truth about the Miracle Planet: it had been altered by machinery to resemble an enormous Metallix head and had been camouflaged to appear as it normally should.

The Porker Metallix struck after Sonic discovered a wound on its arm which revealed metal plating and circuitry. The Metallix then shed its disguise, revealing its true form. It still resembled Porker but its chassis was blue like most Metallix; its feet were still shaped like pig trotters and were equipped with boosters for flight. Its neck was extendable and was able to headbutt Mighty the Armadillo at an awkward angle. It also had an energy weapon installed on its arm.

Before it could use its death ray, Sonic attacked the Metallix and damaged its weapon, causing it to overload. Vector the Crocodile and Mighty worked together using their Link-Rings and knocked the Metallix clear of the chain between Mobius and the Miracle Planet. The Metallix's blaster then detonated, destroying the robot completely.


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