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The final original panel of STC

Point of No Return! is the tenth and final strip in the Sonic Adventure story arc, first appearing in Issue 184 of Sonic the Comic.



As Super Sonic continues to absorb the Chaos energy from within Chaos himself, Sonic maintains his belief that his alter-ego will return to his evil ways, but Ebony maintains her belief that Super Sonic will remain harmless. Super Sonic emerges clutching Chaos in his original Drakon form, seeming to still possess his pacifist nature, much to Ebony's delight, before violently attacking all gathered with his eye beams. As the Freedom Fighters get to their feet, the demon flings the now harmless Chaos over the wall of the ruined fortress, where he lands in a large pond where one Big the Cat is fishing. Before Super Sonic can really let loose however, Tails strikes the first blow and is blasted away in a fit of rage, much to Sonic's horror. As Tails gets to his feet, Sonic confronts his alter-ego, who is gleefully torturing Knuckles.

As both Sonics begin to clash, Grimer confronts Doctor Robotnik, and promptly quits the insane dictator's service in disgust. As Super Sonic holds Sonic in place, Ebony casts a magic spell which seems to destroy Sonic, much to Super Sonic's delight. Immediately afterwards though, Super Sonic begins to turn blue as Ebony reveals that she merely merged the two hedgehogs back together again. Sonic reassumes his normal form and the Freedom Fighters muse upon the future and what might happen next time Sonic becomes stressed out, Sonic merely stating "[they'll] deal with it, [they] always do," as an image of Johnny Lightfoot smiles upon them from above.


  • In addition to being the final part of the Chaos saga, this strip is also the last time any new material would appear within the comic before going fully reprint. A new story would not be seen again until the appearance of Sonic the Comic Online, and the only new material produced between Issue 185 and the print comic's ultimate cancellation were covers by Richard Elson.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Perfect Chaos!. The next story was Drowned, as seen in Sonic the Comic Online.