Art by Roberto Corona and Nigel Dobbyn

Pizza is a real-world meal that originates from Italy, Earth, but also has its place on Mobius. Its basic constituents are a bread-like base, a thin coating of tomato sauce and covered again with a layer of cheese. Aside from this, there are dozens of other potential toppings and sauces to personalise a pizza, usually a sausage called pepperoni.

Despite being a food, nobody is ever seen eating an actual slice of pizza. Odd, considering one of Sonic's very inspirations...

Appearances in Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Comic Online

Sonic the Comic

Sonic the Comic Online

  • The major plot of Big the Cat Hits the Road! revolves around pizza. Working at Buddy's Bistro, Big the Cat accidentally picks up the wrong bag to start his pizza delivery. When Harvestman comes to pick up his package, it isn't immediately apparent that he now holds an extra-hot pepperoni and Big actually has a powerful bomb. The pizza delivery does not go well.
  • Iggy also has a box on her apartment floor.


  • A story called Pizza the Action involves Tails getting caught up in a cookery conspiracy when Gerry Corfu tries to sabotage his rivals. There is no pizza involved other than the title.

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