Pirate omni

A malicious copy of the Omni-Viewer created by the Brotherhood of Metallix. Seeking to control time and space, the Emperor sent its minions to hijack the Omni-Viewer. Once this was accomplished, the Emperor copied all of the Omni-Viewer's data, leading to the creation of a duplicate that was completely obedient to the Brotherhood and their cause. With this pirate copy, the Brotherhood were able to travel to the Miracle Planet and use the Alpha Device to remake it in their image. They also altered Mobius's history, travelling back in time and stopping the creation of Doctor Robotnik and thus ensuring that he never installed their self-destruct program. With these obstacles overcome, Mobius was defenseless when the Metallixes invaded. With the real Omni-Viewer on their side, however, Sonic and the Chaotix Crew were able to travel through time and stop the Brotherhood's meddling. When the Metallixes were destroyed by Robotnik's self-destruct trigger, their copy of the Omni-Viewer disappeared. It did not make an appearance during the Brotherhood's final battle and its destruction was never confirmed. There remains a possibility that it could still be active, but may not know how to function without orders from the Emperor.

In Issue 255 of Sonic the Comic Online, it reappeared, bringing with it various versions of both Sonic and Robotnik in the hopes of destroying them both. It was working on the orders of its deceased former masters, the Brotherhood of Metallix. A message pre-recorded into the copy revealed this had all been orchestrated by the Emperor Metallix. Its plans were foiled, however, when the original Omni-Viewer was hooked into its copy and cleansed its systems. This caused it to have a complete personality overhaul, courtesy of new programming from Vector the Crocodile. For reasons unexplained, the corrupted copy appears to have become 'female', adopting a new light purple colour scheme and more feminine characteristics, including more prominent eyelashes and fuller lips. It is now far more benevolent, returning everyone to their correct time periods at the request of the original, and even going so far as to call Omni 'handsome'.

Possibly because it is just a copy, the corrupted copy of the Omni-Viewer accidently brought people that would not have been suitable for its purposes. These include Professor Ovi Kintobor and Bravehog the Hedgehog. Prof. Kintobor is too pacifistic (and clearly confused) to be of any use in battle and Bravehog is not even Sonic, but one of his ancestors.

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