Art by Mick McMahon

Pigs are creatures that can be found on Planet Earth and Mobius. These animals are usually reared on farms and grown specifically to be eaten in a variety of ways. They are characterised by their dirty, lazy ways, their large bodies and the taste of their sweet pork.

Pigs in Sonic the Comic are rather different, not really being that different from the rest of the population:

  • Pigs are minor antagonists in the Pirate S.T.C. story. When Granee 8 Ball is smacked by a space hopper, she explodes into a bunch of billiard balls that hatch into carrot-shooting pigs with a taste for ice cream...
  • A 'pig on roller blades' is a villain of the week for Tails in Rat Race but provides his own undoing when his skates get caught in a drain and he falls over. He is the closest to being a real pig, snorting in glee when as he speeds away from Tails.
  • Several other pigs appear as filler characters on Mobius, particularly in the early days when it wasn't clear if one of the supporting characters was actually just Porker. Others are dotted around, such as the pig who begs for his football back from Gilbert Grumpy and another running in fear from The Battle For Mobius.

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