Sonic arrives in Perfection.

The Zone of Perfection is a computer-generated holographic zone located somewhere on Mobius. It appeared during the two-part Double Sonic story, Zero Zone.

The Zone of Perfection is a solid light construct created by Citizen One, an AI created by Doctor Robotnik. With a will of its own, Citizen One wanted nothing more than to create a happy Zone, and as such was abandoned by the doctor. Sometime after RBR, Citizen One established its perfect Zone and began abducting random Mobians to be its residents, brainwashing them and replacing their identities with numbers.

The Zone itself was peaceful, but eerily so. It appeared to be a rural-looking village where nothing really went on. The residents would spend their time watching the clouds drift by and the grass grow. When new arrivals came, the citizens would blindly obey the disembodied voice of Citizen One - who was the Zone itself - which commanded them to brainwash the newcomers. The Zone's structure could alter itself in any way according to Citizen One's will and was surrounded by a forcefield that prevented anyone from leaving. However, after Citizen One failed to brainwash Sonic and was exposed, he apologized for his actions and upon Sonic's advice, recreated the Zone into an amusement park so that he could attract more visitors and would never have to be lonely again.

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