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Kane, as drawn by Mike Corker

James Percival Kane (often just referred to as Kane) is a media tycoon and owner of the Kane Broadcasting Company (KBC). Described as a "greedy and desperate man", Kane used to jump at a good story and when Grimer approached him with a chance to smear Sonic the Hedgehog in the media, Kane jumped at the chance.

Kane initially kept a backseat during the smear campaign, allowing his company to bring the hedgehog down with programmes like Sonic: The Inside Story and The Harold Hilltop Show. The boss personally oversaw Harold Hilltop's content, ensuring it hurt Sonic as much as possible. As Sonic's reputation slid further, Kane revelled in the control he held and was unabashedly happy during a meeting with Sonic himself. Holed away in his private helicopter, Kane informed Sonic that Mobius was a free planet and that he must answer to the people, to the media and to Kane.

Once Doctor Robotnik launched an invasion force on the planet, Kane commisioned Celebrity Mobius Has Got Talent. The lead performance was by Fabian Vane, something which drove at least one Trooper to suicide. It is currently unknown whether or not Kane regrets his smear campaign now that Robotnik threatens to take over his business.

After the final battle with the Drakon Empire, Kane was livid that there was no footage of the heroic battle, until Tails approached him with a recording of the battle, handing it over in exchange for Kane giving up proof of his smear campaign and Sonic's innocence. Kane gave in and handed over the proof, and Sonic's heroic reputation was restored.