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Tikal appears to take Sonic to the past

Not to be confused with the Amy story Out of Time.

Out of Time! is a Sonic the Hedgehog story featured in Issue 179, as the 5th part of the Sonic Adventure story arc.



In Sonic's base in the Emerald Hill Zone, Porker is running a few tests on Sonic, trying to find out why coming into contact with the Chaos creature has turned Sonic's eyes green. Impatient, Sonic wanders off, complaining that he feels fine, likes having green eyes and is more concerned about the Chaos Emeralds, and not a violet glow he kept seeing before. Knuckles is desperately trying to find the Emeralds, but he doesn't know that Robotnik is blocking their signals from the dark dimension. Sonic starts seeing the violet glow again, this time right next to Porker, but neither Porker or Knuckles can see it. Without warning, the glow morphs into the image of a female Echidna, and blasts Sonic with a staff she's carrying, causes him to disappear in a puff of smoke. Sonic materialises with the Echidna, now in solid form, in the path of an army of Echidnas riding a variety of dinosaurs. Sonic grabs the girl and scrambles to the top of a rock, where she explains that she's teleported him from the distant future. The girl identified as Tikal, argues with the group's leader, whom she identifies as Knuckles, much to Sonic's confusion, while the Echidnas seem surprised at Sonic's intelligence. As Sonic and Knuckles contemplate this turn of events, the Echidnas are quickly distracted by 'the intruders.' Sonic and Tikal follow them to find a single ship, which reveals a lone Drakon Prosecutor...


  • This story is the last ever STC story to feature Porker Lewis, since the pig did not follow the other heroes to the final showdown with Chaos. It is also the last appearance of the Control Centre.
  • On the other hand, this story marks the first appearance of Sonic the Comic Online regular Tikal, as well as the rest of the echidna tribe.
  • The Kohenyu tribe make their first (and only other) appearance since The Graveyard, around 100 issues previously. This is their only story where they are seen alive, not counting the flashback of them in the aforementioned story. In that story, Knuckles talked about the Kohenyu extinction as something that was before his time - here, we see he is personally responsible.


The previous Sonic story was Splash-Down! The following story was Prisoner of War!