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Order & Chaos is a 3-part Sonic the Hedgehog story which began in Issue 123 of Sonic the Comic.



Following a report of strange aircraft heading for the Floating Island, Sonic and Tails go after them, only to discover a Drakon invasion force. Reasoning that they're after the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic orders Tails to land the bi-plane somewhere, and leaps right into battle. While Sonic grapples with the Sentinels, the leading Prosecutor orders half of the Sentinels to follow him. They quickly find a metal ring in the ground a short distance away, just part of a hatch leading to the island's secret tunnels. Suddenly the Sentinel entering the tunnel is blasted away as a Guardian Robot joins the battle. The Prosecutor leads two Sentinels into the tunnel while the others stay to fight the robot, and they soon break through to the Emerald Chamber. The Prosecutor prepares to retrieve the Emeralds, but Sonic is marched in, having given himself up to learn what the Drakons were up to. The Prosecutor removes his helmet to reveal that he is not a Drakon, but Grimer.

After contacting Emperor Ko-Dorr, Grimer powers down a few circuits, allowing the Sentinels to start retrieving the Emeralds.The island will still have enough power to remain airborne for a few hours without the Emeralds, but more Guardian Robots enter the Emerald Chamber. Sonic uses the distraction to break his shackles, having been weakening them with his speed, and launches back into battle, while Grimer continues to plunder the Emeralds. Seeking a way to avoid getting directly involved in the skirmish, Sonic quickly steals the Master Emerald from the Drakons and beats a hasty retreat. Before he can work out what to do however, he collides with Tails. The reunion is interrupted however by a bright light some distance away.

The heroes round a corner to find Knuckles, having just been brought back from the Special Zone by the Omni-Viewer (after dropping Porker off in the Emerald Hill Zone). Sonic quickly explains the situation to Knuckles, but the Drakons quickly catch up, and the battle resumes again. Tails tries hanging on to the Master Emerald, but it is no use: he is literally swatted away by the leading Prosecutor. He returns the Emerald to Grimer, who moves onto his real plan, as Sonic, Knuckles and Tails watch. With his sword, Grimer warps the Drakons back to Planet Drak and then summons a Mobius Ring, bringing Robotnik onto the island. The dictator's clever ruse has worked: having used the Drakons to get past the island's defences, the Emeralds are now his. Sonic and friends try to stop him, but it is too late. Robotnik has already started absorbing the Emeralds' power. Just as things are looking bleakest, Robotnik realises he can't handle the sheer power. Before he can find a solution, he turns into a crystal statue. The heroes decide not to worry about Grimer for the moment, and instead to return the Emeralds to their proper place. As for Robotnik, Sonic thinks he'd make a very nice shop window dummy.


  • The first two parts of this story run alongside the Knuckles story, On The Run, which explains why Knuckles isn't charging forward to defend his home at the first sign of trouble.
  • For the most part, Robotnik's eyes are white as opposed to their usual red in part 3. They don't gain their usual red tint until he starts absorbing the Emeralds' power.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Hobson & Choy. The next story was The House on the Hill. This story arc directly continued in Robotnik Reigns Supreme.