Art by Roberto Corona and Nigel Dobbyn

Operation Starwatch was a government agency on Planet Earth created to monitor the skies for extra-terrestrial life. Led by Colonel Granite, they were amongst the first people to speak to aliens in the form of Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary.


By 1997, Operation Starwatch had been running for an unknown period of time when sensors detected the crash-landing of Mobians Amy and Tekno in a Kaamdaarn spaceship. Granite quickly mobilised his troops, ordering them to catch the aliens at the site. Their search took them to the home of Professor Cratermass and the military organisation quickly arrested the old man and the two visitors.

Granite believed that Amy and Tekno were attempting to contact an invasion fleet and locked them away in his underground base. Both innocent parties refuted Granite's claims and were eventually able to escape thanks to Tekno's explosive earrings. The prisoners returned to Cratermass' home, with Starwatch in pursuit with helicopters and a jeep. With Tekno's help, Cratermass was able to send the girls back to Mobius through his Gateway to Infra-Space but deleted the co-ordinates before Granite could follow them.

Master of the World

Following his defeat, Granite began to secretly divert Starwatch funds into building a time machine. The project was a success and Starwatch began posting modern-day construction robots in 1870s Kansas, the aim being for Granite to take over the primitive United States. The Ring of Eternity enlisted Amy and Tekno's help, sending them to intercept Granite and two of his soldiers. After a fight involving both parties and the local sheriff, Amy and Tekno forced the humans back to the present day. Amy was captured by Granite, forcing Tekno to input Mobius' co-ordinates into the Starwatch computers. As the girls returned home, the database self-destructed, although a back-up allowed the agency's work to continue.


By New Year's Eve 1998, Operation Starwatch had transformed from stargazers into a full invasion force, completely unknown to the United Kingdom Prime Minister. Using Tekno's co-ordinates and a new time machine, Starwatch stormed the Emerald Hill Zone and quickly defeated the majority of the Freedom Fighters. As Granite revealed that he planned to sell areas of Mobius to private developers, Sonic the Hedgehog was able to make his way to Starwatch's London base. He easily escaped and informed the Prime Minister of Granite's plans. In return, Sonic was told of Starwatch's Scotland base, allowing the hedgehog to return home. After a freak storm, Starwatch were hurtled back to Scotland, where Granite was arrested the military police. It is likely that the operation was closed shortly after.


Starwatch were based in at least two buildings. Their main base was a hidden location somewhere beneath the streets of London, with one overhead exit opening right out into Trafalgar Square. Another was in Scotland, but appeared to have many of the same resources. There is a possible third base, one that appeared in Starwatch's first story, as the location wasn't specified.


  • Granite wore a uniform that featured a badge with a V-shape. This is an upside-down version of Starfleet's badge from Star Trek.


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