On The Run is

Knuckles and Porker are warped to the Special Zone. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

a 4-part Knuckles the Echidna story, beginning in Issue 121. The first full Knuckles adventure since his World Tour of Mobius, the story sees Knuckles return to the Special Zone.



Knuckles the Echidna, the lone guardian of the Floating Island, is having trouble reading ancient documents acquired from Captain Plunder. The ancient technology is beyond him, so he goes looking for Porker Lewis, who has volunteered to help repair the island. Knuckles finds Porker downstairs, trying to translate an ancient artefact. Knuckles realises what it is - a gateway to the Nightmare Country! Porker accidentally bumps into it and activates the portal, sucking the pair through. They emerge at the bottom of a river in New Tek City. Knuckles manages to pull Porker to safety, but the pig certainly doesn't want to try going back the way they came. In a different district of the city, the Chaotix Crew are finishing off a battle with the Zombie Brothers. Espio the Chameleon is sure his spinning punch packs as much wallop as one of Mighty the Armadillo's fists and, when asking a dazed Brother who the strongest was, Espio seems to take great delight at the answer of "Eng-hunnn?". Meanwhile, Porker and Knuckles need to find the Chaotic Crew and, since they have no change, they decide to vandalise a phonebox. Unfortunately, they are spotted by police, who think that Porker is "Oscar the Pig".

There's no mistaking Oscar, master criminal, in the eyes of the police so, as Knuckles tries to explain their innocence, Porker decides to make a break for it. Willing to go to the police station, but unwilling to leave Porker all alone in the Special Zone, Knuckles punches the ground and sends the officers tumbling over. Back with the Chaotix Crew, and Vector the Crocodile overhears that Porker, or Oscar, is wanted and in New Tek City. Confused, the croc sends Mighty and Espio to investigate. In a trendy bar, Porker reveals to Knuckles that he got scared after hearing stories of this crazy Zone and panicked. Close by, an angry shark has a drink spilt on him. Before he gets the chance to punish the waiter for ruining his jacket, he spots Porker and greets him. Knuckles tries to address the confusion, but is brutally beaten by the suave gentleman.

Walking by, Mighty and Espio happen to find out about a fight in the bar, caused by the shark named Hammerhead. Porker pleads innocence, seeming to have no idea who Hammerhead is or what he wants. The nasty shark plans to jog his memory with his cane, but a voice from behind interrupts. Espio comes out of his invisibility, perhaps the wrong move when Hammerhead grabs him. The chameleon is rescued by a punch from Mighty and the pair begin to bicker, until Hammerhead gets up and knocks them both out. Fortunately, Knuckles is now awake; he's ready for the attack this time, breaking Hammerhead's staff as it comes towards him and hitting him to the ground. The whole scene is interrupted by the appearance of the New Tek police, led by Lieutenant Furor. He demands that everyone here be taken downtown for questioning, then takes great delight in finally finding Oscar. Knuckles begins to explain yet again what happened, but Porker gives up and reveals that he is Oscar the Pig!

Down at the station, there's uproar as Hammerhead wants revenge against Porker. Vector and Charmy Bee. Unable to believe that a member of the Freedom Fighters who helped to despose Doctor Robotnik was ever a criminal, Knuckles makes Porker recount his story. Porker had just earned his university degree and went to work for Hammerhead. His job saw him work towards a new clean, safe, cheap energy source, but he came to realise that the energy he was creating was too unstable to be used domestically. One night, he snuck into Hammerhead's office, looked through his files and discovered he was helping to create a massive bomb, the most powerful one ever seen. "Oscar" burned all evidence of his work and, when Hammerhead was ousted as a criminal, the shark made sure everyone knew he was his right-hand man. Fortunately, Porker managed to flee to Mobius. Hearing enough, Furor calls in another office and berates him for not having caught the right pig. O'Brien is confused, but arguing with Furor isn't going to get him that promotion. Porker is released and the search for Oscar is cancelled.


  • When Knuckles and Porker find themselves in New Tek City, Knuckles suggests going back through the portal, the way they came. The first time he arrived, in Total Chaotix, there was no direct way back.
  • Porker tries to sabotage the phone, hoping to get in touch with the Chaotix Crew. This would be good if they even knew Chaotix's phone number, of if they're even on this planet at the moment.


The previous Knuckles the Echidna story was New Year Twister (with Tails). The next is The Take-Over.

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