The Oil Ocean Zone is a massive oil derrick located out at sea, in the northern hemisphere of Mobius. There is so much oil in the area of the sea it was built on that tremendous amounts of surplus oil have polluted the waters surrounding the facility. Doctor Robotnik originally built the Oil Ocean Zone but it was lost from his control during his early battles against Sonic the Hedgehog. The doctor reclaimed the Zone after his conquest of Mobius.

The Oil Ocean Zone is based on the stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and only made two appearances in the comic.

Oil Ocean Cleanup

In Issue 7, Sonic and Tails visited the Oil Ocean Zone to assist with cleanup operations and disarming all of the traps and defenses throughout the facility. Before he could begin, Sonic was attacked by an Aquis Badnik which chased him into an oil pool then ignited the fuel. Sonic transformed into Super Sonic and survived, quickly destroying the Aquis that had tried to kill him. He almost killed the rabbit that had been freed from the Aquis too, but Tails managed to calm Super Sonic down enough for him to turn back to normal without causing any damage. The cleanup went ahead without further incident, with Sonic supposedly taking only five minutes to shut down all the traps in the zone.

Booby Trap

At some unknown point, Dr. Robotnik had recaptured the Oil Ocean Zone. However, in Sonic the Poster Mag #5, he was willing to destroy the entire zone just to kill Sonic. Robotnik had installed a new pumping system in the zone which would increase oil production and further pollute the environment. This machine was only used to get Sonic's attention, who arrived at the Oil Ocean and shut down the machine, only for Robotnik to reveal that he had planted a bomb that would destroy the entire zone and take him with it. A 30 second countdown had begun with several Badniks attempting to stop Sonic as he searched for the bomb. In his panic, Sonic became Super Sonic again and managed to find the bomb just as it detonated. He created a cocoon of immense speed around the explosion which contained the blast and prevented any damage to the zone.



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