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Nutzan Bolt is a robot general for Doctor Robotnik from the Chemical Plant Zone. He is an antagonist of Miles "Tails" Prower and the Flock in Sonic the Comic. He has a primarily purple body structure, although he has been rebuilt into new forms several times. He despises Sonic, to the extent that even mention of the word "Sonic" ("the

Homicidal maniac.jpg

'S' word") will send him into fits of anger.

Nutzan Bolt possesses numerous in-built weapons and features, including guns and saws in his arms that he uses for decapitating things (often robots). He can fly with propeller blades on his back, and his head can operate independently of his body.


Nutzan Bolt was a general for Robotnik, running operations in the Chemical Plant Zone. He was originally able to pass himself off as being sensible and open to negotiation, convincing Sol Furic of the Flock that he could be worked with. Nutzan swiftly proved himself to be, in fact, a total nutter, killing with gleeful abandon and becoming enraged at the mere mention of Sonic ("he said the S-Word!"). He sported a giant muscular body, armed with neck-saws and subservient robot heads all round his neck, and his head would heat up and steam when he got enraged. Along with Sol Furic, he was assisted in his schemes by a female dog named Tess Tube.

When Sonic and Tails became separated from each other after a raid at Chemical Plant, Tails accidentally ended up inside Nutzan Bolt's lair whilst he was communicating with Robotnik. It was there that Tails overheard Nutzan's plan to flood the surrounding Zones with Mega Mack, and the psychotic droid decided to silence him. After becoming angry at the mere mention of "the S-word!" Nutzan Bolt was distracted by a flash bomb and Tails was rescued by Sab as they fled into the sewers. Tails and the Flock attempted to prevent Nutzan and his cronies from dismantling the barrier that held the Mega Mack in place out of the other Zones. While the Flock handled the cronies, Nutzan Bolt decided to deal with the fox personally. Tails was pursued to a side entrance to the Zone, finding himself completely outmatched, and he only won by a complete fluke - in a panic while attempting to escape he ordered his microcomputer to "Close the door. Close the door! Jolly well close the door!", which it then proceded to do by closing the door, opening it again (letting Nutzan in), closing it (crushing Nutzan as he walked through), and then jolly well closing it a third time, decapitating the robot. However, the head sprouted wheels and Nutzan fled screaming that he would have his revenge eventually.

Nutzan Bolt managed to find himself a new body eventually, but rather than a new mechanical frame he attached himself to an invulnerable body of living ice. Nutzan Bolt became obsessed with finding Tails and began ripping apart the Zone, causing it to be frozen by chemical ice and snow which made it uninhabitable to anyone but him. He succeeded in blowing up the Flock's headquarters, although the Flock themselves managed to survive after escaping through a secret tunnel. Sab managed to bring Tails back to the Zone and Nutzan's former ally Sol Furic defected to their side. Together the three of them emerged on the surface and fought Nutzan Bolt in his new Ice Castle. Nutzan Bolt, with his new bullet-proof body, easily dispatched the two sheep. He was on the verge of killing Tails as well, when the fox accidentally mentioned Sonic's name twice in succession; Nutzan's head overheated with rage, causing his body to melt. Reduced once again to just his head, Nutzan Bolt decided to finish off his enemies by melting the chemical ice, drowning and poisoning them. Nutzan immediately sank beneath the toxic melted liquid in his Ice Palace, before Tails and the Flock re-froze the ice until it could be properly disposed of. It is unknown whether his head was ever salvaged.

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