Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns

The Number One Hammer (or No.1 Hammer) is Bert's weapon of choice. The heavy hammer is a crude creation, consisting of a simple wooden tube (later metal) attached a neat cuboidal block of metal. Bert often polishes his hammer whilst nervous.

Bert uses this as part of his job to remedy severe Badnik destruction, such as when Sonic the Hedgehog reprogrammed Moto Bugs to become Niceniks. He also brandished at a Trooper that had let Bim and Bom escape, before turning him into a work of art with it. Later, Bert decided against running away from the attack from the Niceniks and used his Number One Hammer to defend himself. One of the infected Badniks crashed directly into the hammer, visibly bending its "moustache" and antennae. However, Bert reverted to his No.3 Hammer to fix the Nicenik wreckage.

Much later, Bert returned, still in has role with B.A.R.F.. He continued to use his Number One Hammer, although was disappointed that the hammer could not clean up the massive mess left by Sonic and Tails in the Hill Top Zone. Bert used it as a weapon once again on a cheeky Anton Badnik that refused to move to theh Green Hill Zone. However, he then used it to fight off the same Palmtree Panic Zone Badniks after they decided to claim Green Hill as their own. Again, Bert smashed a rebellious Anton for not wanting to return to the Miracle Planet. Finally, Bert used the hammer to deflect laser blasts during the battle of The Seven Badniks.


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