Art by Richard Elson

The North Cave is located in the Frozen Zone on South Island and is filled with natural ice formations.

When Sonic the Hedgehog had first recovered six of the Chaos Emeralds (long before he discovered the Floating Island), he hid them inside the North Cave in an icy cauldron so as to keep them cold, preventing their energy becoming unstable. During the events of the Sonic CD story arc, Porker Lewis accidentally told the Sky Pirates about the Chaos Emeralds' hiding place. Captain Plunder raided the North Cave and took the gems, despite the efforts of the Freedom Fighters. Although the Chaos Emeralds were later recovered, the North Cave had been compromised and so the Freedom Fighters stored the gems at their home base in the Emerald Hill Zone.

The cave returned in Sonic the Comic Online as Sonic's hiding place whilst wrongly forced to be a fugitive. The location was visited by Masad Akaan of the Household Keepers, aiming to locate a legendary superweapon. Sonic agreed to help him, but, on his return, discovered that Masad had been kidnapped by Lord Utsire of the Drakon Empire. Sonic quickly left the cave in order to locate the villain, finding him outside.


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