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Norris Wimple

Norris Wimple could well be the biggest nerd on Mobius. His interests include UFO spotting, measuring the boot marks of sports players, and Badnik spotting. His favourite singer used to be Fabian Vane. He lives at his mother's house.

He first appeared as a Metropolis Zone resident, caught up in Windy Wallis's freak weather attacks. He panicked in the belief that this was the "Curse of Doctor Robotnik", as chronicled in his magazine "Doom and Gloom".

He later turned up as a Badnik spotter, noting down the serial numbers of Badniks (which didn't exist, meaning he had to make them up). This hobby made him a target, and Amy Rose and Tekno had to save him. He both took up measuring sports star bootprints as a new hobby, and treated the girls to a Fabian Vane concert.

A while later, he appeared on TV for making a possible UFO sighting, even though he had yet to get the film developed. The Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe thought that this photo might be of a secret weapon being developed by Robotnik and set out to get the film off of Norris. However, Amy and Tekno managed to save him once again, and when the film was developed it turned out that Norris had mistaken Tails for a UFO in the first place, so the photo was worthless (except to Tails, who thought it was a good likeness).

Norris' shining moment came when Sonic the Hedgehog was captured by the demented super-fan Ryan Baggit, Norris' greatest rival. Norris distracted the villain by engaging him in a Sonic the Comic trivia competition, allowing Sonic to escape; Norris lost the contest but still gained a number of his own fans as a result.

Years later, Norris was outraged at the anti-Sonic smear campaigns of the Kane Broadcasting Company, and gathered a large number of hardcore Sonic fans - calling themselves M.A.S.H., Mobians Against Sonic Hatred - to protest. Unfortunately, he lost control of the group, who went on a riot and assaulted TV comedian Harold Hilltop. Sonic himself had to step in to stop it, and Norris found he'd only made things worse for Sonic.

During the Battle for Mobius, Norris Wimple joined in the fight to save the Metropolis Zone. Afterwards, he explained about the new Ubernik Badniks to the media, considering them a disappointment. He has also been seen enjoying and enthusing about Hobson and Choy's newest show, the Miles Prauer Power Hour.