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Art by Andy Pritchett

No Exit is a Sonic's World complete story appearing in Issue 99 of Sonic the Comic.



A rebellion is under way in the Metropolis Zone. Cat Adie, reporting for Zone At Ten, informs the rest of Mobius that riots have broken out and Amy Rose lets everyone know they're fighting back against Doctor Robotnik and his bullying tactics. Grimer, standing in for Robotnik at Citadel Robotnik, worries that he'll lose his hair-gel allowance if his master finds out. Back on the streets, riot Trooper soldiers move in to disperse the trouble, warning that the Freedom Fighters will be exterminated if they do not comply. Johnny Lightfoot intervenes, smashing up a robot and reveals that Robotnik's rule no longer mean anything. As the riot gets more severe, Grimer calls in Badnik patrols from all surrounding Zones. Realising the riot is over, the heroes tell everyone to flee from what seems like hundreds of Badniks. Tails attempts to fend off the Badnik forces while Amy and Johnny steal weapons from the Citadel, but the brave fox is blasted out of the sky.

Meanwhile, Amy and Johnny find themselves cornered by a group of Newtron Badniks and, before they can turn back, are also met by a vengeful Vermin the Cybernik. Resigned to their own fate, Amy and Johnny prepare to die. However, something else seems to be ready to end them first - a Black Asteroid exploding in the sky...


  • This story leads directly on from Solidarity and ends a long-running story arc that saw the Freedom Fighters cope without Sonic the Hedgehog.


Many Badniks from surrounding areas attended the riots. This suggests that the Emerald Hill Zone, Marble Zone and the area around the Wing Fortress are near Metropolis, although this is only based on the games:


This story was reprinted in Issue 216.


The previous Sonic's World story was Solidarity. The next is the fourth part of The Final Victory.